Wednesday, December 20, 2023

New Audiobook!


Hi everyone, thanks so much for supporting my latest book, Good Looking. I'm happy to announce that it's now available as a professionally produced audiobook. You can find it on Audible, Spotify, or anywhere else you get audiobooks, including some libraries. 

Here is the direct link on Audible. If you get the ebook on Amazon, there's a big discount. 

And if anyone wants a free review copy in exchange for an honest review, I'm happy to share promo codes. Just let me know! 

The same goes for my previous two books, which are also available in audio. You guys, all these narrators are so good, and they make the stories even more devvy. Check them out!


  1. Hey, can i get a free review copy?

    1. Yes! But how do I contact you?

    2. Is there any way I can reach out to you like mail or something

    3. email me at lucymaylennox at gmail