Sunday, April 21, 2024

*knock knock* anyone still there? I have an idea!

Heeeeeeeey, guys! 
As a long time (LONG time) reader here, I get really sad to see how the blog hasn't had new stories in a while, and even more sad to know I'm also to blame, as a writer! Unforunately, life has been tough and I haven't had much time to write, but I'm feeling creative and I didn't wanna waste it! 

Is anyone still there?? Because I have an idea!!! I remember how a few years ago we had a weekly random prompt thing here, where you'd write sentences in the comments which would get picked as a single-chapter story by the blog authors, and even readers, and I thought that was such a clever way to get ideas going and give some motivation to keep the blog active! So I wanna do that, but I need whoever's reading to do it!

Please, leave a sentence, word, prompt, whatever works for you, in the comments, and I'll come back next week with a dev-y story inspired by it! 

(and yes, I do have plans to update Let it Snow, and also Onde Anda Você, and some new ideas too, but I need time to work on them. I just didn't wanna see the activeless for so long.)


  1. Yes, still there and not giving up. Where have all you wonderfull authors gone?
    -How could that have happened?
    - Not so fast, mister!
    - Rainbow-colored sneakers?

  2. Were still here, paraplegic ceo, black suit. I hope itvwill be usefull as a promt

  3. Oh yes. We are still here!!

  4. Great idea!! Can’t wait for the story next week. I’m still here, reading, and maybe some time in a far future with reliable daycare and better sleep I’ll be posting again. My prompts are:

    - Could I borrow your pen?
    - Oh shit, he can’t see me!
    - I’m a bad bad girl


  5. Still here! Can’t wait to read &/or write!

  6. Still here checking eagerly. Cannot wait for whatever you choose to write!

  7. Still here also! I haven't contributed before, but it could be fun to write based on a prompt. Few random prompts I thought of:
    -Wrong order
    -Volunteer day
    -Swimming pool

  8. Still here!!!

    Here are my suggestions,
    How did I not see this happen?
    Suddenly everything changed.

  9. Still here! I‘m so happy that you‘re back!

  10. Hi everyone! Still here and longing.

    - “after you” : kinda a who is going to hold the door open for who situation.
    - a regular at a restaurant and his waitress
    - group project in college supposed to be a group of 4 but only the guy and the dev classmate show.

    Love to see more low quad stories (bicep/tricep movement), cp, or a walker as a mobility aid would be great to add to the new cite.

    Love you all

  11. Still here!

    Would also love to see more Quad stories (little to no arm momevent) on here. Unfortunately I am too uncreative to write something on my own, I‘ve tried many times before but nothing comes to my mind, but there are so many talented authors on here who I hope will come back!

    1. I'm on quad side too, I enjoy it more, but with little bit drama. I've enjoyed a lot Annabella Costa's.
      here some prompts:
      -she is the reason i'm in this state!!
      -i don't know if it's okay to have this type of feelings?
      i hope it's something interesting. Actually it's sad that lot of stories from the archieve are not done yet when they are really interesting

  12. still here! very happy that you're all back!

  13. I‘m still here. Glad you are back!

  14. Girl, don’t EVEN tease us with an Onde update!!

  15. Cannot wait for a let it snow update !