Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Three's A Crowd Chapter 47

Hello friends, sorry I am running a little bit behind and it is already Wednesday evening here. For some of you it may even already be Thursday so I am sorry I am late today. It has been busy for me with work and also getting ready for Thanksgiving. No I am not making a Turkey, never have but will enjoy hanging out with friends tomorrow. Well, here is this week's chapter of TAC Chapter 47. In this week's installment Kristy is finally coming home and especially Jesse is of course very happy about that. Trish and Shawn are happy for Jesse and Kristy as well. Once again in this chapter it gets very steamy for our favorite couple. While editing and rewriting some of the chapter I got pretty hot myself....:-) So, I am definitely thankful for my characters who are always floating around in my head. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and remember to always be thankful for all the good things in your lives. We tend to forget in the craziness of our lives but there is a lot to be thankful for. I am also thankful for all my loyal readers, you make it all worthwhile when you read and let me know how you like it. Big hug, Dani

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

In/Exhale Continues - Family Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving! It seems fitting that this week's episode is about a family dinner, and it unintentionally reminds me a little of my first Thanksgiving with my husband (then recent fiance). Let's just say my father in particular wasn't real thrilled about the whole situation.

Last Week on In/Exhale: Renee and Kai finally talked, and he was able to confess to her some of his demons, drawing them closer and renewing their commitment to each other that as long as they have each other, they can face any challenge.

This Week on In/Exhale: Jon and Vicky finally face her parents to tell them about the pregnancy; things go smoother than they'd hoped, but they still face a rocky road, although Vicky is determined to face it with Jon no matter what. Jon and Kai finally makeup for their fight over Jon canceling their swim date, and Jon calls his adoptive father to tell him the news. After, he turns to Kai for support, and the tables are turned a little as younger brother consoles older brother.

Next Week on In/Exhale: Flashback to when Kai was four and Jon was twelve as the two spend a rare day in the park with their father, Bryan, the man whom Jon inspires to imitate as a man and a father.

February 3, 2001 - Part IV

I want to thank all of you who read the excerpt of my NaNoWriMo project last week, and even more the ones who took the time to comment here or on my blog about it. I actually "won" NaNo on the 21 (completed 50,000 words) but I still have a ways to go before the draft is finished. Still, it makes me excited to know that you are excited about it, and I'll be sure to give you more details as the project goes along.

I *may* take a few weeks off after either next week's episode or the next few after it. I need time to catch up with the story since Nano and life have pulled me away from it, and with the holidays it may be nice to just chill. But I will let you know for sure if I decide to do that.

Happy reading,


PS - Table of Contents is updated as always.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Forging Ahead

Hi everyone,

I accidentally posted this yesterday on Dani's day (and have apologized to her accordingly!), so I'm trying again today. I hope that Thursday's are free... it seems that they are, but if they aren't, I do apologize!

Anyway, I've been working on a new story for about a year now. It's only about halfway finished, but I've written almost enough chapters to begin posting them here, so I wanted to get your opinions. :) After all, you all are the reason we all continue to write and post on here. :)

Fair warning: this is a bit different than anything I've written before, and although this excerpt isn't dark, the story itself will be. It's a new genre for me and also has a deeper, more developed plot line than anything I've worked on before.

Anyhoo...let me know what you think?

Also, this is a working title, so if you have any suggestions on that based from this snippet you're reading, those are readily welcomed too! :)

And now, without further ado... Forging Ahead, a preview.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Three's A Crowd Chapter 46

Hello again, I hope you enjoyed last week's chapter with some intimate moments between Trish and Shawn. Here is Chapter 46 of TAC for this week. Not so much intimacy but more of a transitioning chapter where Jesse and Shawn talk about the future some. I hope you still want to read along to find out what lies ahead for our three main characters. Thanks for your time and comments on TAC every week. I appreciate all of you. Hugs, Dani
Table of Contents:   TOC

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In/Exhale Continues - Renee Lovers Rejoice

So, originally I was going to post these two episodes separately, and they can stand fine on their own, but they share a common theme: Kai and Renee reforging their relationship.

A couple of these scenes--including the one in which Kai and Renee have lunch and the one they share at the end of the day--are two of my favorite moments in the entire season. The first of these scenes is perhaps one of the most important in all of season three, and I hope you enjoy them.

Previously on In/Exhale: Kai's first week back in the real world has taken its toll on him. He's been riddled with nightmares and panic attacks that nearly pushed him to the brink. His hearing loss, combined with his natural tendency to withdraw has been pushing he and Renee apart, but Dr. Miller gives Kai knew hope and reassurances that he can recover.

This week on In/Exhale: Kai finally goes to visit David at his house to tell him the truth about his hearing loss, despite his fears that it may fracture their relationship. Then Kai does his best to make amends with Renee, and the two share an afternoon together, their relationship growing even stronger in the process.

Next week on In/Exhale: Jon and Vicky finally go to her parents' house to have "the" talk, and it brings up a lot of old wounds. Later, Jon and Kai finally make amends, and after Jon makes a long overdue call to his adoptive father, the two brothers also become closer, working on healing some of the fractures that have developed over the past few weeks.

Thanks again to those of you who take time to comment. I probably shouldn't admit how often I check to see if there's a new comment on my story; that's how much I appreciate them.

As for NaNoWriMo, things are coming along well. My health hasn't been great so that's hampered my progress, but so far I have about 40,000 words and a character named Jackson I think you all are going to really come to love.

I've posted some info about this project, including an excerpt, on my blog to give you guys a taste of what to expect as I'm getting more confident this will be my next finished project.


PS - The Table of Contents has been updated, as always.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Chianti Classico Bonus Chapter

Hi everyone, I wrote this part as a bonus chapter to the Chianti story and realized halfway through it makes an even better last chapter than the actual last one. So this is it now, bonus chapter, definitely last last chapter, whatever =)

Enjoy, comment and thanks for reading!


Chianti Classico - Part V

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Three's A Crowd Chapter 45

Hello friends, I made it back home to the US. I had a good time in Germany for two weeks but missed my writing hobby. I bring you Chapter 45 of TAC for this week. I realize Trish and Shawn were missing a bit from the story lately and I hope I can make up for that lack with bringing you a chapter fueled by their loving and passionate devotee/paraplegic relationship. Yes, there is sex so I hope I have your attention with that :-) I appreciate all of you reading and taking your time to comment, thanks so much, Hugs, Yours, Dani.
Happy Veterans Day and thank you to all who served and are still serving!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In/Exhale Continues - I Want To Live

When I introduced Dr. Miller in this version of the story (she had a role in the original iteration), I'll admit I didn't expect her to play such an important role. So I apologize to those of you who don't care for her appearances. However, I've found that she's a bit of my dream therapist, lol, and I find writing and reading some of her sessions to be very . . . consoling, for lack of a better word.

This episode in particular. Although Kai's story, even in its original version, has always had its dark patches, I'll admit even I didn't envision the direction the story would take when I first set out to share it with all of you. A lot of the story is of course, fictional, but there's also so much of me in it--much more than my other writing--that some episodes in particular may be difficult for me to write but can also be extremely therapeutic.

And this episode is one of them.

As several of you have commented, Kai and Renee are slowly heading toward something. Kai still has a lot of self discovery and awareness ahead, but he's slowly, bit by bit, getting there, trying as hard as he can.

This episode is long, but it covers a lot that needed to be dealt with, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Footsteps - Chapter Twelve is up

Hello! It's six minutes to midnight here in England, so I've got exactly that time left of 'Monday' to post!!

Two weeks and two posts in a row... I know a couple of readers who may need a trip to the ER with heart issues after seeing two posts from me in a row, so I apologise, and only ask that you take my story with you to read there...

On a serious note, thank you for your support. It was because of the wealth of comments on the last episode that I got my backside in gear and sat down and wrote this (long) chapter for you, as a thank you. Can't promise another one next Monday because I'm horribly behind on work now, but I needed to write this one, as much for me as for you.

Enough waffle - here's Chapter Twelve. We start with Caleb feeling a little vulnerable, and we end with a little New Year's adventure and gift-giving.

Table of Contents is updated too if you want to go back and re-read anything.

Many thanks,

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Three's A Crowd Chapter 44

Hello my loyal readers. Well, while visiting with friends and family in Germany and sightseeing this beautiful country I managed to edit the next chapter for TAC Chapter 44. I want to make you happy. Today I am flying home again. It will be a looonnngggg trip. In this chapter Jesse is finally going home again as well. Things are moving on and looking up for the brothers and Trish. Much anticipated is the return of Kristy who will also be coming home soon. Thanks so much for your time reading this story and looking forward to your comments if you feel like it.. Hugs, Dani
Updated Table of Contents: TOC

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

In/Exhale Continues - The Day Comes to a Close

Hey, everyone. Sorry this episode is up a little later than usual. I actually decided to attempt NaNoWriMo this year despite my headache as a challenge to myself, and I'm attempting to write a blind character, which I've never done before. So far so good, and I promise I'll let you read some of it once I have more written.

Previously on In/Exhale: Kai's long Friday took its toll on him to the point at which he found himself cutting and even contemplating suicide, but he determined to survive, as always, and went to the ASL class in which he had a blast with the kids, including Steve's cousin. Renee, meanwhile, is feeling the pain of the distance Kai's put between them, partially because of his hearing loss and the language barrier. She confessed all of Kai's secret to her roommate and best friend, and asked David for reassurance about their relationship. David is convinced that despite Kai's reluctance to put it into words, he loves Renee, and love can conquer all. Renee isn't so convinced.

This Week on In/Exhale: The long Friday finally nears its end. The class is over and Renee finds herself led on an unexpected tour of the school, although Kai's good mood doesn't last long, partially because of a revelation that may potentially change the fabric of the Jonesville community. But when David suggests they all go out, Kai doesn't say no, although the venue Megan innocently choses throws Kai for a loop. Ultimately, Renee confronts Kai on his behavior, determined that communication is the only way they'll survive, but things don't go exactly as she planned.

Next Week on In/Exhale: Kai's makeup session with Dr. Miller forces him to confront some of the things he's been reluctant to so far, and despite feeling lost, she helps guide him onto the right path.

February 2, 2001 - Part IV

Thanks again as always for those of you who've left me such great feedback. It really is a motivation for me through each long week. I still have plenty more in store for Kai, so keep reading! :)


PS - Table of Contents is updated, as always.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Footsteps - Chapter 11 is up


"Remember me?" Rose asks nervously from the shadows. "Well, I'm back with a chapter of my story, if you're interested still... You can find it here. That's all... Thanks for sticking with the story if you still are... What's that? Does this mean I'm back posting regularly again? Ummm...."

*shuffles nervously*

"Not exactly... but I'll keep going with the story - I promise."

*waves and shuffles off nervously, leaving a link to Chapter 11, and a quick thanks.*

Table of Contents updated too.


*exit stage left, pursued by a huge backlog of other PD stories to catch up on...*

Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Podcast!

Paradevo members Hartmannwrites and James have made a podcast! You can listen to the first episode here: