Saturday, September 2, 2023

Good Looking Preview chapter 2

 Thanks everyone who has read and reviewed Good Looking so far! You guys are the best. 

Here is the second chapter, where we get the dev's point of view. 

Chapter 2


There’s this guy. I can’t take my eyes off him. 

The first day of my Brit lit class, I’m sitting there quietly, looking over the syllabus and thinking about how I’m going to manage all the assigned reading and writing with my rehearsal schedule when there’s a clattering along the side of the lecture hall. Somehow I just know what that sound is. A second later, I look up to see a white cane hitting the backs of the fixed chairs and my attention is drawn like a magnet to the guy holding the cane, the most arrestingly, strikingly handsome guy I have ever seen. I mean, most girls might look at him and see an average looking white guy with brown hair and brown eyes, but they would be so, so mistaken. His hair is slightly curly and he has that clean-cut, boyish look that I always go for. But it’s not only that. 

It’s because he’s blind.