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A Date to Remember (8)
A Day in the Life (7)
After the Game (1)
All Of You (20)
An Inconvenient Truth (1)
Anita (1)
Aurora (26)
B-L-I-N-D?! (6)
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Begin Again (3)
Between the Pages (15)
Birds Playing Electric Guitar (2)
Blue (1)
Blue Moon (1)
Broken Toys (1)
Building Love (20)
Cabin Fever (1)
California Dreaming (13)
Campus Hook-up (1)
Caoimhe's Hands (1)
Chianti Classico (5)
Christmas Banquet (3)
Christmas Crush (5)
Coming Home (9)
Cooper Gets The Girl (2)
Coworker Crush (1)
Daniel (12)
Devo Diary (72)
Did You Walk Today (1)
Different Shores (1)
Disorderly (1)
Do You Compute? (1)
Elevators (1)
Enemy Mine (Billionaire series) (1)
Eric and Jessie (2)
Ethan (1)
For The Love Of Not Walking (30)
Forever First Love (7)
Forget You (1)
Forging Ahead (1)
Fractions (10)
Guru's Grace (1)
Hands On (23)
He's Not Mr. Perfect (11)
High School Reunion (6)
Hollywood Rehab (22)
Home Country (1)
Hot Summer (5)
How the Grinch Stole My Heart (2)
Hush Darling (2)
Impotent (1)
In/Exhale (127)
Ink (7)
Iron Ring (1)
It Starts So Quietly (4)
Jazz Age (3)
Justin and Brandon (1)
Katie and Josh (2)
Letting Go (3)
Lies All Lies (7)
Like a Boss (6)
Limerence (2)
Limits (1)
Loserville (11)
Love Bites (10)
Love is Blind (1)
Love UnSeen (22)
Mall Stalker (1)
Margaret's Chance (14)
Meet the Kids (1)
Meet the Parents (1)
Mr Trouble (5)
Ms. Scrooge (6)
My Demon (1)
My Ex's Wedding (3)
My Perfect Ex-Boyfriend (1)
New Beginnings (38)
Night of the Dragon (1)
No Strings Attached (37)
Norrbotten Bus (1)
Not gay (19)
On Saturday Afternoon (1)
On the Chair (1)
Our Choices (15)
Parking Lot Desperation (21)
Pieces (6)
Porn From Spain (1)
Pretty Fat (21)
Prisoner (2)
Queen of Harts (5)
Reality Check (1)
Reckless Behavior (18)
Rendezvous at the Dentist's Office (2)
Ristretto (2)
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Secret Garden Archive (36)
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Short Stories by Hartmann (4)
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Skin and Scars (16)
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Symphony (2)
The Aero Club (1)
The Best Friend (2)
The Best Man (14)
The Best Revenge (28)
The Bitch (1)
The Boy Next Door (1)
The Consolation Prize (30)
The Diaper Problem (4)
The Difficult Patient (2)
The Elevator Guy (24)
The F-Word (4)
The Fill-In Guy (1)
The Girl I Didn't Kill For (1)
The Happiness Pact (1)
The Laws of Love (2)
The Nerve Interpreter (3)
The New Boyfriend (3)
The One (7)
The Outsiders (14)
The Player (1)
The Tortured Billionaire (2)
Three's a crowd (52)
Tokyo Story (1)
Trapped (4)
Trouble (1)
Twist Of Fate (3)
Unexpected (13)
Valentine's Date Disaster (1)
Visiting Hours (1)
What It Was (36)
Whitlash (7)
Will Love Prevail (33)
Wish Upon A Star (1)
Writing Porn With Transformer (1)

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1954: A high school football star finds his life changed when he contracts polio
Part 1: David and Marilyn
Part 2: The Illness
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10

Atlantic City
Atlantic City, Part 1: During her trip to Atlantic City, Karen meets a handsome stranger with a secret.
Atlantic City, Part 2: Karen and Conrad meet again in his hotel room.

Bobby: A cop is shot and paralyzed on the job
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

Brian and Ivan
Part 1: A love affair between a student and professor.
Part 2: Brian deals with his injury and tries to find love again.
Part 3: Brian clears his first hurdle.

Camp Forrester: A fundraiser for a camp servicing adults with disabilities results in a set-up between a paraplegic and an ex-model who was disfigured in a car accident.
Part 1: Byron
Part 2: Katrina
Part 3: The Banquet
Part 4: Edward Intervenes
Part 5: At Camp
Part 6: The Road Home
Part 7: A Happy Ending

Changes: A physical therapist faces her biggest challenge
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

The Club: A devotee is surprised to find someone to his liking when he goes out clubbing
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Coaching the Team: Chaz coaches a wheelchair basketball team
Part 1
Part 2

Coffee Talk: A woman who has resigned herself to a life of singledom opens up to her devotee nature when she meets someone new on her morning coffee run
Part 1: Routines
Part 2: Deviation
Part 3: Flirting
Part 4: Distraction
Part 5: Avoiding
Part 6: Encounters
Part 7: Date
Part 8: Momentum
Part 9: Apex

The College Reporter
The College Reporter, Part 1: Neil is a college reporter who uses legbraces.
The College Reporter, Part 2: Neil befriends Megan, but will it lead to something more?

Cruel Intentions: A college bet to corrupt a freshman heiress is complicated by her relationship with a fellow student, who is also a paraplegic. (In the spirit of the Major Motion Picture)
Part 1: The Bet
Part 2: The Tutor
Part 3: The Party
Part 4: The Poison
Part 5: The Prince
Part 6: The Handcuffs
Part 7: The Father
Part 8: The Pills
Part 9: The Revelation
Part 10: The Tape Recorder
Part 11: The Epilogue

Changing Perspective: Daredevil fan fiction by Devo Girl

Dark Angel: Logan and Max from Dark Angel finally get it on, just like you've been wanting them to all along.

Discoveries: A true account of a paraplegic who believes he will never find love again... until he meets his roommate.

Do You Compute?: Is fantasy better than reality?

Doctor's Visit: Learn about a quadriplegic's first sexual experience

Downstairs: A paraplegic's first time

Dream Weaver: A man meets a paraplegic in a store
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Dreams Can Come True: A quadriplegic's personal assistant plans a very special week
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Evan, Part 1: Evan starts out college as a paraplegic.
Evan, Part 2: Evan takes his relationship with Anton to the next level.
Evan, Part 3: Evan and Anton experiment with legbraces.

The Ex: A graphic short story.

Famous Last Words
Part 1

First Encounter: A girl makes in interesting new acquaintance in a coffee shop

Flight Patterns: A paraplegic takes an unfortunate plane ride.

Graduation Night: A novella
Part 1:The night of graduation changes the lives of three teenagers.
Part 2: After the accident
Part 3: Julie
Part 4: Ten years later
Part 5: Adam goes to the police
Part 6: Maggie returns
Part 7: Brynne
Part 8: The threat remains
Part 9: Doctor's visit
Part 10: Marisa
Part 11: Adam and Maggie
Part 12: Dinner with Roger
Part 13: Revenge
Part 14: Murder
Part 15: In the hospital
Part 16: Maggie's decision
Part 17: Reunion
Part 18: Binging
Part 19: Whodunnit
Part 20: Roger's confession
Part 21: Her revenge begins
Part 22: Revenge, Part 2
Part 23: Mutilation
Part 24: Confrontation
Epilogue: Two years later

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? A graphic story about a daughter who brings home an unexpected guest
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

High School Reunion: A quadriplegic goes to his ten-year high school reunion, with surprising results.

Holiday Fun: A quad meets some swingers while on holiday in Spain
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

James: A young masseuse treats a patient stricken with Friedrich's ataxia
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Six months later
Part 3

Jeremy: A DAK amputee who is also a physician tells his story
Jeremy, Part 1
Jeremy, Part 2
Jeremy, Part 3
Jeremy, Part 4
Jeremy, Part 5
Jeremy, Part 6
Jeremy, Part 7
Jeremy, Part 8
Jeremy, Part 9
Jeremy, Part 10

Just Standing Around: A sensual story about a wheeler

Justin and Brandon: A young pretender goes out to the mall and meets a rather cute guy, but there is more to him than meets the eye
Part 1

The Library Nazi: A paraplegic librarian makes life hell for a new graduate student.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13

Liz: The story of a devotee female
Part 1

Luke and Mark: Two students find love unexpectedly

Martin: A quad has more fun than planned when he meets someone down at the pub
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

The Mathematician: A first year grad student finds out that her idol, math genius Elliot Meyers, is a wheelchair user
Part 1: First day
Part 2: Who is Elliot Meyers?
Part 3: Section
Part 4: Lise, the grader
Part 5: Elliot in love
Part 6: The diagnosis
Part 7: Legbraces
Part 8: On hold
Part 9: Brent
Part 10: Travel
Part 11: The Presentation
Part 12: The Accident
Part 13: Surgery
Part 14: Waking up
Part 15: Decisions
Part 16: Revelations
Part 17: Two months later
Part 18: Arnie
Part 19: The Visit
Part 20: Conclusion

Mike, Part 1: A young paraplegic pretends to be AB on the Internet.
Mike, Part 2: Mike attends a family reunion.
Mike, Part 3: Mike confesses his secret.

Mother: A young man with deformed legs returns to his childhood home
Mother, Part 1
Mother, Part 2
Mother, Part 3
Mother, Part 4

Net Fantasy: A devo finds love on the Internet.

New Job: A story by Wheelie, based on a dream
Part 2

No More Drama: The start of something new...

Old Man Brody: A teenager breaks the window of a paraplegic shut-in
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Para Boxers

Para Boxers: Scott has a sexy paraplegic roommate named Steve, who work out together as well as live together.
More Para Boxers: Mirror

The Perfect Couple: Beth and Aidan, a T12 paraplegic, are engaged to be married and seem to be perfect together. But Aidan has a dark secret...
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The Phony
The Phony, Part 1: A man pretends to be a paraplegic, but somebody discovers his secret.
The Phony, Part 2: Ryan takes drastic measures to keep from being discovered and losing Mark.

The Poker Champ: After a devastating accident leaves him unable to walk, a former champion poker player returns to the game
Part 1: Riley
Part 2: Marie
Part 3: The guys
Part 4: Interview
Part 5: Avi
Part 6: On tilt
Part 7: The night before
Part 8: Final 10
Part 9: The big bet
Part 10: 4 Years Later

Projects: A project manager meets the object of her conference-call crush and learns that he is a paraplegic
Part 1: Change in Management
Part 2: Richmond
Part 3: Kellan, in person
Part 4: Dinner Date?
Part 5: Business Unit
Part 6: The Ride
Part 7: Cliches
Part 8: Extension
Part 9: Disclosure
Part 10: Carrie Is Always Right
Part 11: Returning

Pros and Cons: You can't have two soulmates, can you?

Red Hot Christian Love
Part 1: Nick
Part 2: Jared
Part 3: Nick

Rehabilitation: An elementary school teacher becomes a paraplegic after an accident. Based on a true story.
Part 1: Injury
Part 2: First day
Part 3: First week
Part 4: Two and a half months later
Part 5: Back to school

Round, Orange Passion
Part 1: A recently injured paraplegic makes a new friend
Part 2

The Rugby Player: An account of a young man who meets a paraplegic former rugby player

Scent of Jasmine
Part 1: A pretty PT quits her job working for a client with legbraces, but has ulterior motives.
Part 2: Another conversation
Part 3: Field Trip
Part 4: Family Reunion
Part 5: Unexpected
Part 6: Mommy Dearest
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11

Shawn, Part 1: A young quadriplegic meets an attractive woman. Will this lead to something steamier?
Shawn, Part 2: Shawn's second encounter with Erica.

The Shrink: A psychologist helps out a young, newly injured quadriplegic
Part 1: Dr. Ned Wilson
Part 2: Ronnie
Part 3: Ned
Part 4: Ronnie
Part 5: Ned
Part 6: Ronnie
Part 7: Ned
Part 8: Ronnie
Part 9: Ned

Skeletons: A young punk musician becomes a quadriplegic after driving intoxicated
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17

Ski Trip: A paraplegic college student takes his first ski trip since his accident.

Smooth Criminal: Judy finds out that her old flame has been arrested for murder, but it turns out he has another surprise for her.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The Surgeon: An accident changes the life of a brilliant surgeon
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16
Part 17
Part 18
Part 19
Part 20
Part 21
Part 22
Part 23

The Swimmer: A paraplegic and an amputee search for love.

Ted: A reunion between a new quadriplegic and and an old friend becomes much more than just a friendly get together.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

These things: A wheelchair user meets a woman in a club
Part 1

The Trip: A quad's erotic journey from London to Boston

Video Rental: a true anecdote

The Virgin: A paraplegic tells the story of losing his virginity

The Wedding: The weekend of Carrie's wedding brings changes for Heather and Kellan
Part 1: Commitment
Part 2: Girl Talk
Part 3: Party
Part 4: After Party
Part 5: At Home
Part 6: Wedding Day
Part 7: Tierneys
Part 8: Proposal
Part 9: Red Tin Roof

Weekend at the Beach: A young quadriplegic named Tim is spending the weekend at your beach house.

Wheelchair Joe
Behind the scenes before Wheelchair Joe
Abby's choices
First date
Second date
Third date
Final date
Abby's decision
The Twist
Abby's final decision (for real!)
Where are they now?



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    1. Sorry! When we updated the website, some links broke, particularly when authors created a table of contents. We are just a few volunteers with busy lives, we don't have time to update every link. We are counting on authors to update TOC themselves. All the links on this page are correct as far as I can tell. If there is a specific link not working, let us know and we'll try to get to it.

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