Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dancing Shoes

Dancing Shoes

         I'm a glutton for emotional depravation.
         I watch from a far as they twirl and sweat, thighs rubbing, legs grinding. Dance has long captivated and tortured my loins.
         My legs are stiff and rigged, useless for fluid tantric movement. I rely heavily on my arms, especially my right; the left is restricted (much like my legs) and serves little purpose aside from brute directionless strength. My hands are always full, never open to contact and involvement; occupied with plastic, rock or steal, yet always yearning for contact.
         I want to touch, glide, and even grope: the smooth bodies passing my booth. Yet, here I sit, alone, growing weak as my drinks gain strength.
         Often it begins with a formal (verbal) invitation, occasionally a bow, or simply a tap on the shoulder; then the two clasp hands join the floor, and their bodies ignite in movement. They submit to instinct and inherent desire and suddenly strangers move as one -- intimately across the room. All sizes, creeds, and colors gyrating shaking and grooving to the music of my fathers. The Blues.
         The place was Haitian and smelled of it. Sweat and grease ran down the walls and covered the tables. The drinks were weak but gained in strength with a consistent tip and ever-recognizable singularity. The proprietors knew little about the music, but enjoyed counting their money and watching the girls sweat and slide across their floors.
         I sat at the end of the bar, near the entrance to the dance floor. Greeting the sweaty faces with an envious, voyeuristic, grin. Suddenly, a heavy-set man passes through the bar and finds a seat across from me. Quickly, he removes his sweater and rubber soled sneakers. Then, from his shoulder bag appear a pair of soft, white, patent leather shoes; polished and primed, with velvet bottoms. He slides them over his heels in seconds and sails onto the floor (grabbing a lonely faceless partner along the way).
         The songs changed and so did his partners, each one departing more shaken and aroused than the last. The man moved like wildfire around the room. His body was plump, but he was proud and gay, and his feet moved quickly and smoothly across the floor.
         His appearance didn't matter; neither did that of his partners. It was all about rhythm, and sweat.  
         Every girl danced with him, every man watched him. Then as quickly and fervently as he had arrived, he left. Sliding off the shiny, white leathers and shoving the sneakers back over his feet.
         My glass was empty and my grin was tired so I too prepared for the door. As I grabbed a stick firmly in my right and dropped one clumsily from my left it occurred to me: I would give me left arm for a pair of dancing shoes.

New Novel Available Now - UnConventional!

Hey, everyone! I know I've been absent from the blog for awhile, but that's because I've been busy working on the third season of In/Exhale and the publication of my first novel, UnConventional, which released last week!

Unlike I/E, UnConventional is just that for me--while the focus of my online fiction is largely the two brothers and is written in third-person, my novel is told exclusively from the female narrator's POV. But if you enjoy the deep, layered characters of I/E, I think you'll fall in love with Santiago (and Di, too).

Curious what the book is about? Check out the blurb below:

Santiago Durán walks straight out of Di Monroe’s dreams–crutches and all–into her heart. There’s only one problem: she’s already married. 
Di’s parents died suddenly when she was nineteen, leaving her shattered and grateful for Stephen’s rescue. Over the past ten years, her identity has faded into her husband’s logical, controlling shadow, but with familiarity lies comfort. 
When she heads to  New Orleans for an editing convention, she meets Santiago–handsome, smart, and despite being affected by Becker’s muscular dystrophy–someone who sees the real Di, who appreciates her and wants her to shine. Pregnant after their one-night stand, Di realizes putting her ‘mistake’ behind her won’t be easy. 
Caught between her loyalty to her husband and the uncertain paternity of her baby, Di soon begins falling for Santiago, drawn to his strength and confidence, yet also his compassion and vulnerability. With Santiago’s help, Di experiences new passion, kindles hidden desires, and uncovers the sheltered part of herself she thought she’d lost long ago. Together, they discover that love is more than mere chemistry, but instead, means you’ve found the person with whom you can be yourself.
The MC is a dev, and so since it's her POV, there are a lot of devy details for you to enjoy, although I did try to write the book so even non-devs would enjoy it.
UnConventional is available from most major ebook retailers, including Amazon and All Romance eBooks, or you can buy it direct from the publisher (where you can read the first three chapters for free!). You'll also find the book (and me!) on Goodreads, and as always, you can follow my musings (including my 2014 NaNoWriMo project) on my blog or on twitter. I've also become a bit addicted to Pinterest.
If you enjoy the book, don't forget to leave a review on your site of choice! It really helps and encourages me to write more :D!
PS - I'm working hard on S3 of I/E and on the ebook of S2 (sorry for the delay!) and hope to have both ready soon. Right now I'm knee-deep in prepping for my interpreting midterm, too, so that's taking a lot of my time, but I'm hopeful I'll still be able to get everything done that I want to!

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No Strings Attached Chapter 30

Hello friends, I know this is early again but there is no one else in the queue at this moment so I thought I post today, so here is Chapter 30. I will also be busy the rest of this week so I don't know how much time I would have had to post later this week. Other than that I have been working more on NSA and trying to figure out the path I want the story to go. Ariana and Jason are definitely a "thing" now I would say but there are still obstacles ahead but I also plan some very close moments between them. Anyways, your feedback is welcome as always and I thank you for reading NSA. Hugs, Dani

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 29

Hi friends, here is Chapter 29 for you. This chapter is a little bit different because it is mainly about a difficult situation Ariana finds herself in. I thought about that chapter quite a bit and if I should change some things but I decided to leave it as it was my original writing. I hope you won't despise Ariana too much after reading the chapter. It isn't easy for her either...:-) and something good comes out of it. Let me know what you think...I am scared already...:-) Hugs, Dani

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No Strings Attached Chapter 28

Here is Chapter 28 of NSA for this week. I think it is somewhat long and I would have liked to spend some more time editing it but life has been busy as always. I hope the chapter turned out good for you and that you still enjoy the story and hanging out with Ariana and Jason. Let me know and thanks for reading as always. You guys are my "writers rock"....:-), Hugs, Dani

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Coming Home Update

Dear Readers,

Here is Coming Home: Year Five.

You can also find an updated Table of Contents for the story here.

In case any of you were wondering, the plan has always been to take the story to Year Ten.

Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk