Friday, February 27, 2015

Twist Of Fate New Chapter

Hi readers! Following your cheerful and encouraging comments, I keep on posting TOF, the story of Matthew. Every week I will sum up in a few words the previous chapter. This second one is a bit long but I couldn't decide where to cut it !
Here is Chapter 2

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Three's A Crowd Chapter 13

Hi friends, here is Chapter 13 of TOC. In this chapter Trish and Shawn are trying to deal with the situation at the lake, both in their own way but not helping the way they feel about each other. We also get a little glimpse into how Trish found out about her attraction and putting a name to it. I like to get more out of the characters and I don't want to have them jump right into a sexually driven romance and I hope that is O.K. for my readers. My characters tend to be a bit complicated but I hope you want to stick around for more of Trish and Shawn and follow along how they will hopefully manage to let their guards down in the way of how they feel for each other. Thanks for reading and always appreciative of your comments. Yours truly, Dani

Friday, February 20, 2015

Introduction to a new story

Hi Paradevo Fiction friends. I have been an addicted reader for a while now, but I am also a writer. The issue is that I usually write in French, my native language. As I was dying to contribute to the blog with one of my stories, I decided to give it a try. So here is the first chapter of A Twist Of Fate, a new romance with a hockey player who becomes paraplegic. For the first time I write from the male character’s point of view and it was not obvious, but funny to put myself in a man’s mind. If you want more, just give me your comments. From your reviews I will keep on posting or not. It is a big test for me. Please be lenient about my English, but don’t hesitate to correct me and point out the big mistakes or weird idioms. I had to use the dictionary a great deal, and I am not so sure it is reliable for every translation. For larger comments or corrections, my email address is in the PD website.

Hope you will enjoy the story of Matthew, filled with struggles, suffering, emotion but also joy, happiness, love and….lots of devvy stuff!

Here is the first chapter:
Chapter 1

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Prisoner, Part 2

For those of you who are interested, here is Part 2 of Prisoner.

And here is the entire story.

Twist Of Fate Chapter 1

My life could have been different. I had plans, goals and dreams like every human being. It started well and I took it all for granted. I was happy with what I had already achieved. At the age of 28 I was a renowned ice hockey player for the Chicago Black Hawks. I had a lucrative career, a large apartment on a 39th floor in the city center with the most incredible views of Lake Michigan. As soon as I graduated from college, the NHL approached me with a four-year contract I couldn’t refuse. I gave my best as a striker for my team, and I was promoted captain with another eight-year extension. Without being a conceited person, because honestly I am not, I think I was a respected and well-liked athlete. According to my many friends, I was an upbeat and funny guy, friendly and always in a good mood, except right after a lousy game. Also according to my female supporters I was rather good looking, but unfortunately for all of them already taken. I was in a serious relationship with a charming girl I had known forever. As far as I can remember we were neighbors in a small town in Illinois, and we literally grew up together. The idea of getting married one day and start a family became natural, and more obvious as time passed by. It would also put an end to the harassing impatience of both of our families. But a twist of fate decided otherwise.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Twist Of Fate Chapter 2

Recap of Chapter 1

During a painful stay in the hospital, Matthew takes the hard decision to break up with Melissa, his longtime girlfriend. After realizing she will never be able to overcome his accident and the consequences, he gives her her freedom back and asks for his best friend’s help. He has to face a lot of issues, adapt to a totally different life and he hangs on to his family and friends in order to do so.

Here I am, back at my parent’s house for a while. My folks are very supportive and we have always been close. I am in transit before going back to my place as soon as a few mandatory modifications are made. My father took care of it while I was still in rehab and I am grateful for that. He knew exactly what needed to be done.

Three's A Crowd Chapter 12

Hello friends, here is the next chapter for TOC Chapter 12. I really enjoy this chapter because Shawn and Trish are getting very close for the first time. Even though bittersweet, they really can't deny deeper feelings developing for each other. I hope you will enjoy this somewhat long chapter. I am getting ready to fly out to Las Vegas tomorrow to meet up with some fellow devotees and I am very nervous about that but also very excited. Let me know how you like this chapter, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks for reading and sending hugs, Dani
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