Friday, March 27, 2015

Twist Of Fate Chapter 6

Here is a loooong Chapter 6 which I couldn't split in two due to the intimacy of the moment. Enjoy and comment!

New moderator wanted

We've gotten a lot of requests from new authors lately to participate in the stories blog, which is a great thing for everyone. The only problem is that it can be a little confusing to learn the rules of posting, and I just don't have time to direct every single new author.  I feel bad when I don't approve requests quickly, or am impatient when somebody doesn't understand what to do right away.

I'm looking for somebody who might be able to step up and be a moderator for the stories blog. Your job would be to help new authors learn how to post their stories, make a table contents, and fix any problems that arise in the posting process.

You don't have to be an author on the blog, but you have to be at least relatively tech savvy, familiar with Google blogger, and you have to have enough time to do this. If I ask you to help an author, it can't take you a week to get back to them.  You've got to be able to check the blog daily.

Any takers for this glamorous position?

Email me at

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Three's A Crowd Chapter 17

Hello my friends, here is Chapter 17 of TAC.
I debated about posting this week, the blog is busy this week with lots of great stuff to read and catch up. I almost deleted a big part of the chapter for this week. I wrote this a couple of years ago and now when I go over it and edit I think about it very critical and debate if it is a good chapter the way I wrote it initially. I decided to leave it the way I wrote it initially and I hope it is all right and that you, my readers, enjoy the story still. Let me know what you think, I appreciate your reading my story. Hugs, Dani

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

PLD Update

Hi everybody!

Well, here it is: the FINAL update of Parking Lot Desperation. WOW. To write that is to really write something big. I've never finished a story before so this is an exciting day for me, guys. And it would never have gotten here without all of your support here on this fiction blog. For three years you guys have been paitent, encouraging, critical, and supportive and I seriously love you all so much for it. Thank you for everything -- but most importantly for reading.

I really hope you enjoy this last bit of Keeley and Clay. :)

Much love,

Also, here's an updated Table of Contents too.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Hello!  I'm Shannon, and I've finally gathered up the courage to post a story of my own.  I hope you enjoy this first chapter!

Symphony - Chapter One

          Clumsiness was one of Brenna Hamilton’s defining traits.  In fact, she could have been the poster child for being awkward.  Luke used to take great pleasure in pointing out how easily she would trip over nothing more than air on flat ground.  So on this night, when it was absolutely essential that she be elegant and poised, she wasn’t the least bit surprised when she stumbled spectacularly over her own feet on the short walk to center stage.  It didn’t help that she had chosen to wear a tight strapless black gown that made breathing difficult, but being the featured soloist with the Wildehaven Symphony Orchestra was a big deal.  She was going to dress the part, damn it.

Twist Of Fate Chapter 5

Bonjour everyone! I hope you are still interested in my wounded hockey player's fate. If you have gone so far, I now need your honest opinion on my writing style. I had very kind and encouraging comments on my English and recently on my vocabulary. Now I need to know if you are comfortable with Matt sometimes interacting with you? Thinking out loud? Cursing in French Canadian? As I am writing in the first person, I found it interesting and original that my hero could involve the readers. Are you OK with that liberty or does it sound weird or annoying to you?  Waiting for your reviews, (good and bad!), here is Chapter 5