Rules for Posting

 1) If you want access to post your own stories, please email me ( with a gmail address that you wish to use.  If I don't know you from the website, I will also require a writing sample to prove you're going to post appropriate content.

2) To post a story, make a new post.

3) "Label" all parts of your story with the full title (i.e.the story's title should be both the subject of the post as well as the "Label").  Label every single chapter with the title.

4) If it is the first part only of your story, please label it with *Author Yourname and the appropriate Disability tag (the asterisk is used ONLY for the author tag).  If it is gay-themed, please label it as such.  DO NOT add an author or disability tag to subsequent parts of the story.

If it is the second or other subsequent part of the story, label it ONLY with the title of the story. 

5) If the story is long, please use a jump break to conceal it.  It's very easy to do this.  Just click the "Insert Jump Break" icon in the Compose mode in blogger (it looks like a broken piece of paper), then paste the text below the break.

6) For multi-part stories, change the Post Options to pre-date subsequent parts.  For example, if you date Part 1 on Aug 13, then date Part 2 on Aug 12, Part 3 on Aug 11, etc.  Then make a new post post to inform readers of the update and provide a link.

7) Do not make more than one post per week.  The current convention is for people posting multi-part stories to pick a day and make weekly posts on that day.  If you're not sure what day is free, look at the posts from the last week. 

8) FREE FRIDAY is a day for ONLY single part short stories or multi-part stories that are updated infrequently.

9)  ONLY ONE POST PER DAY. If another author has posted an update that day, be polite and wait till the next day to post your own update.


Why are you making me post serial stories in this stupid and confusing way?

Since this is a blog, if updates are done chronologically, if people want to read the story later, it will be in reverse!  If you make your updates in reverse chronological order, then months from now, if someone discovers your story and wants to read it, they can do it easily by simply clicking on the story name on the right sidebar.

When I click on a story name, it only shows me the first seven parts.  How do I see the rest?

Click on "older entries" at the bottom.

What is this blogger you speak of and how do I use it?

I'm not going to give all authors a tutorial on blogger, sorry.  However, here's a youtube video that supposedly teaches you how to use blogger (start at 3 minutes, since the blog is already set up).  Unfortunately, since blogger has updated, it's slightly different now, but I know you're all smart people who can figure out the changes.

Can't you just post the stories for me?

Yes, I can.  But then you won't have as much control over when your story is posted and how it looks.

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