Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A quad man's fantasy - Note: Explicit Content

NB: All names and people are fictional

It’s taken over six months and a substantial amount of cash to sort this gathering out. I never realized when the thought crossed my mind quite how much effort it would take, but the day has finally arrived.

I guess it was about a year ago that it really dawned on me that what really turns me on is men who were attracted to me being a wheelchair. I’m not just talking people who think it might be something different to try, I mean guys who get seriously hard and fantasise deeply about being with a man in a chair. For a man to get this turned on sets my pulse racing and my balls buzzing. I’ve been with a few devotee guys and it was hot although what I really want is something more, a really liberating experience. I guess I’m a sexual man, I’m not shy about my body with the right people and have had my fair share of men. Also, I’ve just hit my early 40s and realize that we have to take a grip on to life and make things happen. It’s these thoughts that led me to sitting in this hotel room today hoping things work out.

Like I said, a great deal of thought and effort has gone into this. About six months ago I fired off an invitation on several devotee websites and forums. I wasn’t sure what reaction I was going to get but thought fuck it. The advert read:

Good-looking spinal injured quadriplegic male (C6) looking for devotee men to meet for a group session in London - date and location TBC. Looks or age not important but what is vital is that you get turned on and by a man in a chair. The conditions are as follows:

I am here for your pleasure. My desire is to be sexually available to a group of devotee men. You are free to touch me, grope me, fondled me, strip me. You can do anything except fuck me.

No time wasters - you must guarantee to turn up.

You must be comfortable to share the experience with another devotee men.

There is no limit on the amount of men although there must be a minimum of four devotee attendees for the session to go ahead.

Within days, replies filtered into my inbox. More than expected. I guess there were about 30 to 40. The trouble was that most were guys overseas, wishing they could join in. The challenge was to sort out who was serious about coming along and then find a date to make it work far as many as possible. I’ve been chatting with a few guys online from America and I did know that one guy from New York was due to be in London on business. From photos I knew he was mid-40s, in decent shape and had serious thing for guys wheelchairs. To save any more distractions, I set the date for October 22, a Saturday. I knew he had the weekend spare in London so that seemed as good as any. The 40 or so respondents were soon getting whittled down as they couldn’t make the journey or weren’t serious about meeting.

This gathering is something I’ve been fantasizing about for a long time and I was willing to put my money where my mouth was. I’d saved about £1000 to make this happen, some of which I was willing to spend on getting guys over to London if they were having trouble finding the money, especially the younger lads who seemed desperate to join in but had no chance of getting the money together. I had a good idea to spend the money on. There were two or three guys who I’d been speaking with on Skype or e-mail over the last year or two. They were genuine devotees, ready and willing to experience sex with a man in a chair. I would need at least £400 for the hotel suite to cover mine and my carer’s travel to London from the North.

My carer knew that I was meeting some guys but still has no idea what I have planned. He is used to me hooking up with men and is happy to do entertain himself elsewhere.

So here I am now, sat in the hotel suite with 15 min to go before I expect people to arrive. I’ve also put a lot of thought into what to wear. Nothing too restrictive, so right now I’m wearing loose grey tracksuit bottoms, no underwear (I never wear it) a zipped hoodie top with no T-shirt underneath. On my feet I have some plain trainers, and of course socks.

Why am I so anxious? I know for certain that at least four men will be coming. Thomas, who is executive from New York. Joseph, a 22-year-old student over from Paris (I helped pay his travel) Steve, who lives in London and I’d met before, mid thirties with average build, and a guy called Martin who I don’t know much about but lives near the hotel and is in his mid-50s.

A knock at the door made me jump, possibly because of the anticipation. I wheel over to the door release, press the button and see that it’s Thomas. He’s well-dressed. Very well-dressed indeed in a pinstripe suit. He is more attractive than expected. A chiseled face and trimmed goatee beard. He is clearly nervous which is fine, so am I. I invite him in any takes a seat on the sofa where I explain that we should hang on for more to arrive. Conversation is easy, we chatted quite a few times online. Within 10 minutes Joseph and Martin both arrive and Stephen texts to say he’s in the lobby.

It’s now 4 PM and I’m buzzing with excitement, there are now seven men and lads in the room. I wheel myself the middle of the room, it’s time to get things moving. I remind everyone that I’m here absolutely for their pleasure and as I sit they gather round. I’m surrounded by seven devotees, I just hope they have the deep-seated sexual excitement for the situation that I’m feeling.

Hands begin to touch me around the shoulders, my chest, on my legs and the back of my neck. Thomas is the first to kiss me on the lips, gently with his tongue probing my mouth. It’s not long before my hooded top is unzipped and hands venture deep down, feeling my hairy chest and large round hairy quad stomach. Hands are groping me between my thighs and down my legs and finally inside my joggers. I am kissing mouth upon mouth as hands roam all over my body. Now fully unzipped my hooded top is removed and three of the guys start pulling at my tracksuit bottoms. From behind a couple of the guys lift me slightly in the chair so that the tracksuit slipped easily down past my knees. Two guys are now on the floor undoing my shoelaces. Within a minute I’m fully naked in my wheelchair and surrounded by seven horny men, their hands all over my body, their mouths on mine and on my shoulders and legs. My balls are buried between my thighs so two guys pull me forward in the chair bringing my cock into and my cock in to full view, along with my suprapubic catheter which leads to my leg bag. I know this is something that excites Joseph as we’d talked about it. I can tell he’s really aroused as he studies the tube. He begins to unbutton his shirt. Several of the guys have already removed the tops or have their cocks out, trousers down. I’m being fed their rock hard cocks, sometimes several at a time. My cock is really hard too as guys are groping and fumbling it. I suggest that pulled forward in the chair a little more. This does the trick of bringing my modestly sized uncut prick to full erection. Josef and another guy are licking my cock now, caressing my thighs as they do so. I guess the oldest guy here is somewhere around his late 50s and he has a fine cock which is rubbing against my wheels as he kisses me. Joseph is now totally naked and he climbs onto my lap wrapping his legs behind my wheels, kissing me full on the lips. I know he wants to be fucked, we’ve talked about it a lot online too. I ask for someone to pass the condoms over and slip one over my cock and apply some lube. Straightaway, my cock slips into his hole as he begins to ride me. I can see my prick entering his hairy hole and it’s thrilling to see. I try my best to grab his cock and although my and fingers fumble I grab his shaft as best I can and begin to work his cock. The other guys are standing around me, everyone has their cock out and are masturbating or feeding me their cock to suck on.

I’m asked if I’d like to get on the bed. I remind everybody that I’m here for their pleasure, if they want me on the bed, that’s fine by me. Together, the seven lift me out of my chair and carry me to the middle of the bed. I’m being kissed and caressed all over my body now, seven mouths and fourteen hands moving over my hairy flesh. Steve straddles my face and pulls his cheeks wide, an invitation for me to lick his hole, which I do eagerly. He’s now kissing others around me as I tongue his crack. Someone is riding my cock I’m not sure who, I don’t care. I’m so horned up at having seven men really turned on by paralysed my body. Now another arse is on my face, I guess it’s Martin’s. Cheeks pulled wide my tongue probes the hole as he rubs his arse into my face. Now his cock is being pushed into my mouth and I take it as deep as I can. I have no idea who is riding my prick at movement., but I can see several of the guys, from early 20s to late 5os, stood on the bed looking down at the scene wanking over my body. A spray of cum shoots across my face and I lick my lips, just before the dripping cock is offered for me to suck the last drops. Now the reaming six are stood on the bed all hard. One by one they shoot their cum on my body. I’m covered, cum dripping off my face and body and bed sheets.

Thomas asks if there’s a shower and I explain that there’s a big wet room and that I could also do with a hose down too. Before long I’m being carried by four of the men into the bathroom and placed of the shower chair. I ask Joseph to unplug my catheter and detach the leg bag to keep it dry. He obliges. Then the warm water hits me and the seven naked men gather around. They begin to soap my body, working on my chest and cock. Again, hands cove every inch of me and lips touch as water cascades down. With the soap and constant attention, my cock is still hard and hands are busy pulling the foreskin back and forth. I notice Joseph is hard again and he feeds me his cock to suck on. Martin is on all fours sucking on me. Thomas, Steve and the others are still feeling my body as Joseph pulls out and cums another load right in my face. We kiss passionately.

With the shower over, I’m carried back to the bed. Someone has thoughtfully removed the cum stained top sheet an laid out towels on which I’m placed. As if experienced care attendants, each takes a towel to a different part of my body while Joseph reattaches the leg bag to the catheter. When dry I suggest I am propped up with pillows and we hang out naked and chat. Several of guys say they have to go which leaves Martin, Joseph, Steve and Thomas and we talk and relax for several hours. As the evening develops, yawns begin and I put my arms around the guys nearest to me. We are all feeling drowsy and entwined in a knot of five bodies we drift in and out of consciousness.

It’s a night I’ll never forget.

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