Saturday, November 30, 2013

Update - Cambridge Connections, Chapter Nine

Really glad that their date went down well last week. This week's update is a bit different in flavour; we get to see Sam training, which is something I was keen to show soon, and there's a mild **trigger warning** for abuse in there, as we glimpse a bit of her back story.

I'm aiming to post another short chapter a bit like this one towards the end of the week, so keep an eye open, and there's a treat in store (I hope!) for the episode after that.

Here's Chapter Nine.

As ever, please let me know your thoughts as they really do help me improve (I hope!)


Friday, November 22, 2013

Update: Hands On Chapter 13

Hello Everyone,
Gosh--thanks so much for the enthusiastic feedback on Chapter 12! (Chie, the illustration was really great! thanks for posting it!) It's so fun to write for this group. And I'll say again, it's an honor to be among you: writers and readers. I still have to work on the table of contents, which I will do.  But in the meantime: here's Chapter Thirteen.

And for those who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving!
And best regards to all,

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Update - Cambridge Connections, Chapter Eight (Part II)

Sorry it's almost a week later than I'd intended; it's all a bit crazy this end.

Thank you for the amazing feedback on last week's chapter - your support is very reassuring. Hopefully the second half of their date is as well received, but let me know either way what you think as it helps me to tweak and adjust the coming chapters...


Friday, November 15, 2013

Hands On Update: Chapter 12

Hello Everyone,
Hope you enjoy Chapter 12.  I will work on putting up a table of contents for all the chapters thus far this weekend but I didn't want wait to get this posted. I'm looking forward to your feedback!
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Update - Cambridge Connections, Chapter Eight (Part I)

Thanks everyone for your feedback on my first real story. Really appreciate it. Sorry for the slow/erratic updates - things have been a bit crazy recently, including finishing my contract in London and having to call an ambulance for my dad on the same night I got back from London! Now that everything (including him) is back to normal, I hope to resume my weekly or fortnightly Sunday night updates. Nothing like the pressure of posting to keep the fingers typing!

In this update, Sam and Alex go on their first proper date to a National Trust house and garden. (Bit of a quirky English place to go to, but then again they're not exactly your average couple)

As ever, comments and suggestions are very much welcome,


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

In/Exhale - The Season FINALE

It's finally here...

I hope it lives up to all of your expectations and more...

Season One Finale:

October 26, 2000 - Part I  | October 26, 2000 - Part II

Please comment and let me know what you think! Been super nervous (yet excited) about sharing this with you :)!

I'm going to have to take a short break (a few weeks) in between seasons, but will be back with a fully-packed Season Two.

S2 will be a great place to start for those who are new to I/E, and will also have a bit different feel and "formula" from S1.

As always, the Table of Contents is updated.

Thank you all of you for your support of I/E. In the intervening weeks, you can keep track of my National Novel Writing Month progress on my blog, or on Twitter.

This year, I'm writing an M/M novel about a crutch-using, brace-wearing nerd from Southern Louisiana and the tall, dark, tattooed hottie he falls in love with.

The concept:

Mike D’Amico has worked at The Grind coffee shop for fifteen years. For nearly that long, he’s been desired by men for his statuesque beauty. With thirty around the corner, Mike begins to reevaluate his life. Can he be more than just a pretty face?

Marshall Guidry is a realist. Injured severely in a car accident when he was fifteen, he knows what he is–a nerdy, gay man with a limp badly in need of a second hip replacement–-but he’s still more interested in anonymous casual sex–-even if it’s not always easy to come by–-than a relationship.

Until he meets Mike and takes him home. Not just one night, but two, then three. . . . Soon, Marshall discovers he’s letting his guard down, and his time spent with Mike is becoming about more than just sex.

Together, the two men embark on a journey of self discovery in order to overcome the shadows of their pasts and carve out a new future.

See you soon!


Monday, November 4, 2013

Update: Hands On Chapter 11

Surprise! I had a good weekend for writing, and since I've been so slow lately, I thought I'd go ahead and post within the week. Maybe this will make up for my tardiness...Hope you enjoy Chapter 11.

And of course all comments are always welcomed, even those that turn up the pressure to produce.
Best regards,

Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Book!

Hi everyone, Devo Girl here!

I want to let you all know that my first novel is now available. The title is Love in Touch, and I used the pen name Lucy May Lennox. It's published by Ruth Madison and Dev Love Press. Thank you Ruth! Follow the link to see all the many places to get a copy.

Love in Touch is all new, never before published here or anywhere else. There's a sample chapter at the end of Annabelle's free e-book, Harvard Hottie (and if you haven't downloaded that already, go get it!).

For the next two months, I'll be doing a blog tour, with tons of interviews and guest posts. Check out all the links here.

Love in Touch is a love story between a girl named Kassie and a deafblind guy named Jake. I wrote it for all of you, to be super devvy and satisfying to dev readers. And the cover is by an awesome dev artist! If you enjoy the book, please leave a review online, on Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon. Ruth and I really appreciate it!

PS I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update Devo Diary, but I will get back to it soon, I promise!

Keep reading after the jump for a longer plot description and sample section: