Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Long Walk Home

It had been a splendid day and I could still feel some warmth from the sun on my face. Rose had been everything I had ever dreamed of. All those hours of emails now seemed so worthwhile..

The day had started somewhat nervously that morning. Thoughts of whether she would even show up raced through my mind and my heart pounded mercilessly as I reached the street that was to be our meeting point.

Why would such a beautiful woman want to meet somebody like me?

I knew that I wasn’t bad looking with my short blond hair and pale complexion. But my arms were thin and my belly round; a body contorted by Arthrogryposis and scoliosis. If it wasn’t for my on-screen keyboard that I used in conjunction with a mouse, my cleft hands would never have managed to type such long emails across the Atlantic telling her how much I cared for her.

It was such a relief to see her in the distance. She had flowing long auburn hair, luscious lips and such a beautifully plump body which was casually dressed in jeans and a tight top which showed some of her ample cleavage. I even liked her Southern American Arizona accent.

The conversation wasn’t as awkward as I had expected. It started off with how her journey had been and then we both agreed that it was great to finally meet each other. The plan for the day had already been set out well in advance. She was on holiday with friends visiting Ireland for the first but would leave them for one day to spend it with me. I would show her the main attractions of my town; then we’d get something to eat followed by drinks before parting ways once again.

The longer the day went on; the better we seemed to get along. Still I wondered if she was attracted to me or would things change now that she’d seen in the flesh. At least she seemed to be generally enthused by the different locations I’d brought her too. The Cathedral seemed so much more enthralling through American eyes.

As we passed through the town I told her about the history and how we spent centuries fighting the English occupation. At times she struggled to understand my accent so I tried, apparently occasionally in vain to speak as clearly as possible. Fortunately she was just about as interested in shops as I was so it wasn’t long before we made our way to the pub.

She was surprised by how dark it was and found the smattering of candles very strange as I tried to convince her that this was the new fashion. But she thought Ireland was unlikely to be the height of fashion in such areas.

We both got vodkas and orange. She didn’t mind lifting the glass to my mouth or helping me to eat. As the drinks flowed, we both began to chat in earnest. However, that didn’t stop thoughts of kissing her to course through my mind. I tried to put them to the back of my mind so that I could continue to act naturally. Then at one point she placed her hand on mine. My heart raced and I knew that now was the time.

But it was the time to do what?

I was unable to lean over, should I just ask if she’d like to kiss?

But after a few moments I felt the time had passed as the conversation switched to her family. I quietly cursed myself

The hours passed far too quickly and it wasn’t long before my bladder informed me that it was time to leave and go back to my parent’s house where I lived. I explained to her the problem and she even offered to walk me home, which I enthusiastically accepted.

After a few minutes we were on the outskirts of the town. The conversation switched to whether we would ever see each other again. She said definitely, that she would visit me next summer.

Sheepishly I asked her if that meant that she liked me to which she replied that of course she did and that I was a great guy. It was now or never so I asked her if I could kiss her. She replied that she’d like that but we needed somewhere private. I knew just the spot I told her and further up the footpath I drove in behind a tall stone wall. There were trees on the other side so nobody could see us.

Immediately she leaned down put her arms around me. Her tongue explored my mouth as I felt a bulge in my pants. Then she slid her hands up my shirt and began to feel my body commenting on how much she liked it.

Soon she whispered would it be ok to unbutton my shirt to which I happily agreed. She kissed slowly at first, then started licking and sucking my nipples. I was surprised to feel a rush of pleasure run through my brain.

Then it was my turn. She pulled down her loose top to reveal her large breasts. I licked and sucked on them as I heard her moan with ecstasy.. I thought about how this was one of the highlights of my life today.

Then we heard voices and laughing in the distance from the other side of the footpath. It rocked us back to reality and she quickly covered her breasts and buttoned my shirt..

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sorry to my NSA fans

Hello my friends, unfortunately this week I do not have Chapter 23 of NSA ready. It still needs some work and with my mom here I just haven't found the time to really focus on my writing and editing this week. I am so sorry about that. After last weeks emotional meeting between Ariana and Jason I want to give you a good quality Chapter 23. It is the middle of the night right now and I thought I could get it done but I don't think the chapter is ready yet. I hope you can forgive me and ask for your patience. My mom leaves on Thursday and after that I want to get the chapter posted as soon as it is fine tuned and edited. As much as I enjoyed summer I am also looking forward to fall in the hopes of having more time to write and edit again. Just these past three weeks when I barely got the last two chapters posted I realized how much I missed being able to just take a few hours to only write. My mother is older and I am not sure when I will see her again so I had to make the time with her count but sacrificed the personal time I need to write. It is o.k. though and I hope you understand. I will post as soon as I can. Thanks so much for reading the story and making me feel good about it every time I post. You mean a whole lot to me! Hugs, Dani

Thursday, August 21, 2014

MC Ch. 5

Hi everyone!! :)

I come bearing a new chapter! So, happy Friday, hopefully. :) I'm sorry this took so long to post. It'll be probably at least two weeks between posts from now on as school just started back and I've suddenly got a ton of course work (they really make you work your last year for that university diploma..). But I'm still going to keep going at it!

As always, please let me know what you think. I really look forward to reading comments!! :)

Also: I'm glad you found a chance to update, Dani! I'm really enjoying seeing where NSA is going. It makes so happy whenever I see an update to it on here :)

Chapter 5
Updated Table of Contents

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 22

Good Morning, it is almost 2 am and this is the only chance for me to find some quiet time to post
Chapter 22. I am still occupied with my mother visiting, entertaining her and taking trips. I do miss hanging out more with "Ariana and Jason" right now and miss letting them play in my head. Hoping to work more on NSA soon again. I know some of you don't like Ariana very much but I hope you are still enjoying this chapter and cutting Ariana some slack....:-) Thanks as always for reading and giving me feedback, you are so important to me. Hugs!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 21

Hi my friends, I am posting one day earlier since no one else was in the queue. My mother visiting me is keeping me fully consumed, it is difficult to find "me" and "writing/editing" time. Here is Chapter 21 though of NSA. I hope you guys enjoy this new turn of the story with Jason going through a difficult time and the women in his life struggling to somehow figure out their feelings for him. Any feedback is welcome, it is my "juice" to keep going, thanks so much for reading NSA. It means a lot to me.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New chapter of "The Outsiders" is up!

Here's chapter 7 of The Outsiders.  Jonas and Sigrid settle in at her parents house in Pretoria and they go on a game drive in Rietvlei Nature Reserve.

I will do my best to post new chapters weekly, but I won't make any promises.  I am pretty busy at work these days and my writing time is limited. I have so many ideas for the next few chapters and their time in South Africa, so I hope they'll come together easily. 

I love South Africa. I haven't lived there, but I've been there many times and I'm hoping to go back in December to spend Christmas and New Years with friends in Cape Town. 

Also updated the Table of Contents.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 20

Hi friends, here is the long Chapter 20 . So now it is getting somewhat dramatic in my story and I hope you will still enjoy reading.
Right now I am getting ready to go to the airport to pick up my mom who I haven't seen in three years. I will spend lots of time with her. I will still try my best to post on Wednesdays for you and I will let you know if I can't make it. Please be patient with me if I should not make it. Thanks so much for reading, let me know how you like Chapter 20. Hugs!
Here is also an updated Table of content

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Secret Garden Archive

I have completed uploading the Secret Garden stories. If you missed the announcement the first time around, this is a collection of 35 short stories by Doug Rogers, from the now defunct Secret Garden website, for gay amputee devotees. All of the stories are about amputees, most have gay characters, although some are hetero. Stories have been tagged accordingly.

You can find the Table of Contents here, with links, original publication dates, and original descriptions written by Doug.

If you like his stories, also be sure to check out his novels on Amazon.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cambridge Connections - Bonus Chapter

Hello! Bit of a long message here, so please bear with me.

I've not completely disappeared from the site just yet... First of all, thank you for your lovely comments on the official 'end' of Cambridge Connections; I was very touched by your responses.

I wasn't able to post on Friday, so I hope you'll forgive me the extra few days. I was a bit apprehensive about posting this, as I didn't want it to be taken the wrong way: I don't normally do this kind of writing, but I figured you guys know these two well enough by now to enjoy and respect their sexy-time as a couple, which is (according to some of you) long overdue...! I hope you enjoy it, and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

This really is it from me, and will be for quite a while I imagine. I'm working on some other, different kinds of stories - mostly Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings style fantasy, which is what I usually tend to write, but since there's usually a guy with a crutch, a scar, a stammer (my personal weakness) or who's blind, I might see if I can post it up here, but I'll need to find out the rules on non-human characters, as they're not all completely human...

Click on the link below for my bonus chapter, which is my thank you to you, my lovely, kind, helpful, supportive readers. Thanks for coming with me on my little journey with two characters who have been very close to my heart for a long time.

*sex scene*

Cambridge Connections - Bonus Chapter

Friday, August 1, 2014

The code word

Charlie had met Cam in one of the darker corners of the web; -on a secret forum for women who likes; -who prefers disabled men, and she had eventually suggested that they should meet, and it was going to happen this weekend.

There had been only one person that he trusted to help him make it happen; his best friend since fifth grade and also part time carer, Jessica. But she was also the one who helped him lose his virginity two years earlier when he was having a particularly rough time...