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Silver - Table Of Content

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Christmas Special
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Bonus Chapter: White

Skin and Scars Chapter 4

Wait, what?! Two updates in one week?! I figured I owed you, dear readers, for delaying the last chapter, so here is another installment. Also, a note... This is a long chapter. You've been warned.

I love, love, love, reading your feedback and reviews, so don't hesitate to post a comment! Enjoy.

And, the Table of Contents ...

Silver - Part I

--- Warning: explicit rape ---

White sheets, blanket, walls. No pictures, no mirror. An old cupboard, dark wood. Familiar disorientation. He is snoring curled up on his side of the bed, hugging the pillow. The sun is bright behind gray curtains. The air is cold when her naked feet touch the ground. She pauses at his side. Dark curls hang over his forehead, one lock swinging in sync with his breathing.

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Silver - Part II

I really do not want to be here, in fact I can think of hundred places I would rather be. I had planned for a relaxed evening at home, a beer and television, maybe a chat on the internet before I go to bed early. Instead I sit behind the wheel of my shit car, crawling along a street in the dark, while I try to decipher the house numbers in the rain. Shit weather now on top of everything.

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Silver - Part III

The darkness a blanket, made of stillness and silence and smiles. How could she know it would be that beautiful? The carousel stops, the music is cut off abruptly and there is no laughter, no voices, no colors, nothing. Has she ever felt like that in her life, so… – ‘how does that make you feel?’ – happy. This must be it… She does not want it to stop, she wills this to go on forever, there is no chance-

Three's A Crowd Chapter 32

Good Evening my readers, it is after midnight once again and since I have to work tomorrow (Wednesday) I wanted to get this chapter posted for you. I had to edit this one quite a bit and made some changes but I think it turned out a good chapter. I guess I could have reread one more time but I am tired now and so here goes Chapter 32 of TAC. It turned out quite long and is mostly about Trish and Shawn becoming very, very close, forgetting all their worries with some moments of intimacy and exploring each others bodies. I know you have been patiently waiting for them to become sexual and I thank you for your loyalty. What has been weeks of reading for you, has been a romance in the making for only about four weeks in the story...:-) I am looking forward to your feedback and thanks so much for reading. Hugs, Dani

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Silver - Part IV

The doorbell rings in the evening and I am tempted for a second to pretend I am already asleep. Maybe it is one of my neighbors although I doubt it, I have never seen them and they could be dead and rotting in their apartments next to mine for all I know. My friends rarely come over to my small place and they text before or, in case of emergency, call for what they know will be an extremely one-sided conversation. That leaves literally no-one who could be impatiently ringing the bell at such an odd time.

In/Exhale Continues - Drunken Conjoined Twins

Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a good week. I spent several days in the Yellowstone area, and it was beautiful. My first vacation in years, and it was really nice. I was shocked by how accessible the parks were, and was inspired to maybe write a story that takes place several years ahead in the I/E universe with a different character (who comes into the story in 2008). We'll see. If anything comes of it, I guarantee you I will post it for you all to read. :)

Last week we saw David drag Kai to a Deaf bowling social, for his own good. Despite a rocky start (and a blackout flashback), Kai was determined to forge ahead, knowing that he needs to do this if he'll be ready for school on Monday.

This week we'll see how the rest of the bowling social goes, and we'll also get a chance to find out how Jon and Kai resolve their latest fight.

Next week we'll finally see the first day of class for Kai and Renee, where Kai's hard work of the last few weeks is put to the test.

Enjoy, and thank you again for your comments. I'm so glad that you all like David! You'll see a lot of him this season, and get into his head a lot more.

January 27, 2001 - Part II


PS - The Table of Contents has been updated, as always.

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Skin and Scars Chapter 3

So, real life kind of got in the way last week, so I am late on posting the next update. So sorry, dear readers! Anyway, onto the good stuff. I present to you the next installment in the Skin and Scars universe. Enjoy.

And here you will find an updated Table of Contents.

Silver - Christmas Special

He enters slowly, shouldering the door open, propped up on his crutches and stops a few feet into the room, the door falling shut behind him. 

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Silver - Part V

--- Warning: explicit rape, violence ---

The table in front of her is sleek, shining plastic, round edges. Gray floor, green walls. Four of them in the small cubic room, with the door in her back. The chains around her wrists rattle with every shift, when she crosses her legs, uncrosses them, leans forward, back, squeezes her hands around the seat.

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Disorderly Chapter 3

Heya everyone - you probably thought I'd abandoned, but I haven't forgotten!

Chapter 3 is now up, yay!

Sorry for the silly delay - catastrophic hard drive failure, threw a right spanner in the works of life!

Hope you enjoy. Thanks to everyone :)


Silver - Part VI

I hold the two bandage rolls in front of me. “B-blue or red?” The red is actually more pink and I know what the little boy will chose before he does but I want him to feel like something is in his control and also hope it will make him stop crying.

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I do not hate parties.

It is not like I am particularly fond of them.

But I do not hate them.

Table of Contents "Twist Of Fate"

Here is a last and final update for those who want to read Twist Of Fate as a whole story:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
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Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23

Twist of Fate Chapter 23

First of all I would like to comment on the Moderator's note regarding the rules for posting. I just found out a few days ago there was a whole controversy about scheduled days. Sorry if I 'monopolized' Fridays, but as I started posting regularly on a weekly basis a few months back I chose a free day following Dani's steps which seemed logical and made sense. I don't think I stepped on anyone's toes or prevented anybody to post and I thank you for respecting my timeline. 
Anyway, Fridays will be available starting next week because today I am posting the last Chapter of Twist Of Fate . Sniff…sniff. 
I got used to share Cassie and Matt’s lives with you and you have been my greatest support with your weekly reading and always nice making valuable comments. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU all for your fidelity and leniency regarding my not so perfect English! I was expecting nasty critics but obviously PD fiction readers are too kind for that!
So, enjoy this long Chapter 23 everyone. I think it is the longest of all. Guess I got carried away and had a hard time to stop!

A special thank you to Pepper. Lynn C, Lu5, Dani S…. and all the anonymous who took some time to write reviews along the chapters.  Merci et au revoir. Peut-être à bientôt?! 

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Little Announcement About Footsteps (no story, so other authors keep posting...)

Hi all,

I'm posting this from the wifi at Heathrow Airport! Hoping it lasts long enough to post successfully... 

This is just a quick announcement, sadly no story, so other authors please carry on posting as planned around this, and I hope no one minds my popping this up here as it's a one-off. I'm out of the UK for two weeks and I won't have internet, land line or cell reception where I'm going. That does mean I can't post Chapter 7 of Footsteps for at least two weeks (*hides nervously and waits for reaction*) even though it's written... On the plus side, I will have more chapters written by the time I get back (because there's very little else to do there!) so I'll be able to post weekly for a couple of weeks. 


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Three's A Crowd Chapter 31

Hello my friends, here is this week's installment of TAC Chapter 31. As Trish and Shawn are faced with the reality of Jesse's accident and injuries it also makes them realize that all they need is each other. They are able to get closer again and I hope you stay tuned in for next week as I have a nice intimate chapter lined up, where things will get hot. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, you guys are my drug, I need you and your feedback...:-) Hugs, Dani
Table of Contents: TOC Three's A Crowd

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In/Exhale Continues - "We're Going Bowling!"

I wanted to thank everyone again who commented last week. It really means something to me that my little saga is not only something people enjoy reading but that it has actually impacted some of your lives. I've been going through a very rough time over the past few months, and it's really nice to be able to drop by the blog and see what you guys have written. Thank you.

This week on In/Exhale... It's Saturday, and school starts on Monday. Kai has been a hermit over the past few weeks, a prisoner of his depression, anxiety, and the after affects of his infection. David has decided to push Kai out into the world in preparation for the start of the second semester by taking him to a Deaf bowling social.

This first half of the day is largely set up for the second half, and I promise that we will see a resolution to the fight that happened between Jon and Kai in the last episode (even if it isn't this week).


January 27, 2001 - Part I

As always, I've updated the Table of Contents.

See you next Tuesday,


PS - I try my best to give hints about the differences between Deaf and hearing culture in my text, but if you're ever confused about anything, don't hesitate to ask.

PPS - I recently reviewed a film featuring a blind male character who has dreams of being on the cross country team, If I Had Wings. You can read it on my blog.

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Skin and Scars Chapter 2

Hello lovely readers! I was so happy to see such positive feedback on the first chapter, so thank you to everyone who commented. Here is the next installment in the Skin and Scars universe. Enjoy.

Also, a link to the Table of Contents.

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Twist Of Fate Chapter 22

No more jetlag, back to normality and Friday routine to post! Even if Matt and Cassie are good together and lucky in their relationship, life is not always perfect. Check the new inconvenience and mishaps they both have to face in this Chapter 22.

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Three's A Crowd Chapter 30

Hello my readers, this week went by fast somehow. It is already Wednesday again and I know I shocked you a little with last week's chapter. Well, here is Chapter 30 for you to enjoy. Even though things are looking dire for Jesse, at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel for Trish's and Shawn's relationship and an opportunity to talk presents itself. Have fun reading and thanks so much for commenting and all your feedback. Hugs, Yours, Dani
Table of Contents:  TOC Three's A Crowd

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In/Exhale Continues

I wanted to start off by thanking those of you who commented last week, encouraging me to keep posting. I'll admit there are extenuating circumstances in my life, but there was a point where I got so low (yeah, Kai's story doesn't come from thin air, remember?) that I didn't even want to write I/E anymore because I felt like there wasn't a point to it. I've pulled myself up past that a little, and seeing how much some of you enjoy the story really helped. So I just wanted to say thank you.

But enough about that. You want to know what's happening this week, right?

What to expect from this week's episode: So the day finally ends with David accidentally revealing something upsetting about Kai to Renee, and the long awaited moment in which we see how Jon and Kai's relationship survived the last few months.

If you recall, toward the end of Season Two, Kai asked David to retrieve his mother's medical files from JMH, since he was determined that if he could understand her mental illness, he could understand his own. David initially resisted, but ultimately gave in and tracked the records down to a locked file cabinet in Jon's office. Jon had stolen the files--why, David couldn't entirely be sure--and against his better judgment took them and put them in Kai's car so that when things blew over, Kai could consult them. Though David still warned Kai (despite not reading them) that he should forget about the past and focus on the future, on getting better.

But it's been months since that conversation, and whatever happened to those files?

Find out in this week's episode...

January 26, 2001 - Part III

The Table of Contents has also been updated, as always.

Next week, David takes Kai bowling as he drags him to a Deaf social...



PS - Don't forget you can find me on Twitter (@ChieAleman) or on my blog!

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Footsteps Chapter Six is up

Been away from the blog a while, but thank you for your lovely comments on the previous chapter. Means a lot to us authors, as I say almost every time I post!

Here's Chapter Six for you. Hopefully it shouldn't be too long til Chapter Seven...

Table of Contents has been updated too.


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Skin and Scars

Hello everyone! I'm a new writer here. (Raises hand and waves.) I have read this blog for many years, and have finally decided to contribute. I hope to be posting a new chapter every week. Your comments, and feedback are welcomed!

Thank you for reading.

Click below for Chapter 1...

Skin and Scars Table of Contents

 Hello everyone! Here is a Table of Contents for Skin and Scars.

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Twist Of Fate Chapter 21

Bonjour TOF fans! Sorry again for the slight delay but it is still Friday. Enjoy this new Chapter 21 with a recoving Matt, a brief new encounter and an unplanned visit.

Skin and Scars Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Later on that same day, Julia was starting to feel better and more like herself. Her best friend and fellow flight attendant, Holly, had come by to see her, and after spending a few hours in the hospital room, Julia had become stir crazy. Julia convinced her friend to take a few laps around the hospital floor. The small room was confining, and Julia needed to get out of it.

“I’ll just say it, Jules…you look like shit.” Holly said flatly.

They were walking together slowly through the halls, and Julia rolled her IV pole stand alongside her.

“Jeez, Hol, don’t do me any favors!” Julia let out a small laugh. “One shower wasn’t enough; it’ll take a few more before I feel like myself again.” She smirked.

“Hey, at least you’re out of that awful cotton gown.” Holly nudged Julia gently as they walked.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Skin and Scars Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Aaron turned away from Julia, and wheeled back through the front doors. He tried to steel himself until he was far enough into the hospital to start mentally kicking himself. He gave his wheels a few rough pushes, and crossed the lobby. He rounded a corner smoothly, and pushed through an exit door with both hands into a courtyard that led to the building his practice was in. Aaron came to a stop then, looking around to see if anyone was nearby. He was thankful no one was around.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Skin and Scars Chapter 4

 Chapter 4

The atmosphere at Riley’s bar was tame and relatively quiet for a Tuesday evening, especially since there was a Rockies game on television. Aaron and his friend John were at their regular table, where they met for beer and food quite often.  The bar was near both of their homes, and they had been frequenting the bar for quite a while. Aaron hadn’t been into Riley’s since the night of the car crash when he met Julia, nor had he filled in John on the details of what happened afterward. John and Aaron were relatively close, having known each other for several years, but Aaron hadn’t had a conversation with John about what he was feeling about the girl who had crashed into his life. He was fairly stoic, and rarely talked about his own emotions, or girls he dated, especially with guy friends. It was just something he didn’t do. The two men were on their second round of drinks of the night when Aaron’s phone began to ring.

Three's A Crowd Chapter 29

Hello my friends, just heard the midnight freight train going by outside, it is so hot here right now and I have to sleep with all windows open.
Well, here is Chapter 29 for you guys and even though the story is sad right now I hope you are still on that train with me that is taking us on Trish's and Shawn's relationship rollercoaster. I am feeling poetic tonight...:-) or maybe just I am sending you all a Good Night or Good Morning and looking forward to your feedback. Thanks for reading TAC, Hugs, Dani

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Skin and Scars Chapter 5

Chapter 5

On Sunday morning, Julia and Holly were walking through a park in downtown Denver. Julia was feeling sort of sluggish, and wanted some activity, so she convinced Holly to come to the park and meet her. The weather was great; not too warm, not too cool.

“How was your trip? Anything crazy amazing happen on your flights?” Julia asked as they walked along the tree lined path. Holly had returned the night before from a three day trip.

Holly laughed before answering. “Crazy amazing? Ha! No. Nothing. Boring. We overnighted in Chicago, so we went out both nights. The captain bought us dinner, which was nice for a change.”

Julia turned to her friend. “What?! The captain bought dinner?! Ugh. I haven’t been on a fun flight crew in months, you lucked out. Totally jealous, Hol.”

In/Exhale Continues

Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a good Canada Day or Fourth of July if you live in either Canada or the US, and if not, I hope you still had a good past week.

I'll admit that mine was really rough, and I honestly thought about not posting I/E anymore...

But here I am with the next episode. Day one continues. Deafie devs will enjoy the scene between Renee and David, and I think everyone will like a very important scene between Kai and Renee in which she tells him something very important.

January 26, 2001 - Part I

Remember, the Table of Contents is updated, and you can also download the first two seasons in ebook form on my website for free if you need a refresher.


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Skin and Scars Chapter 6

 Chapter 6

Aaron was in the middle of a weightlifting set and he lost count of the rep he was on; he was distracted. It was early Friday morning, the sun hadn’t even risen yet, and he was at the gym having trouble focusing on his work out. An entire day had already passed since he and Julia went to the baseball game and he kept replaying the night’s events over and over in his mind. Aaron had gone for it; he went and kissed her at the end of the game, unable to resist it any longer. He thought the night had gone well and he thoroughly enjoyed being there with her. She was fun to be around and her energy was contagious. She was patient when it came to the wheels, never seeming to bat an eye at the reality of his situation and he appreciated that.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Skin and Scars Chapter 7

 Chapter 7

Julia sat across from Holly at one of their favorite breakfast spots. Plates of eggs, sausage, bacon, and pancakes were strewn across the table. It was late Saturday morning and the two friends were catching up; Holly especially interested in the development with Aaron.

“He cooked?! Everything?!” Holly asked, obviously surprised by the previous night’s events.

Julia raised an eyebrow and smiled. “He did. All of it. And it was good.” She proceeded to cut a portion from her stack of pancakes and took a huge bite.

“Well, what was his house like? Clean, big, small, cluttered, old, or newer?” Holly rattled off some details she needed the answer to.

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Skin and Scars Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“Can I get you guys anything?” The woman asked from the patio door.

John looked up at his wife. “Nah, Amy, I think we’re good. Thanks, babe.”

Aaron and John were sitting on John’s deck enjoying the weather and a few beers. It had been a couple weeks since Aaron had been able to catch up with his friend and that evening after work he headed over with a six pack. It was their ritual. Beer, shoot the shit. Like guys will do.

“So, you’ll bring her? Sunday?” John asked as he peeled the label from his beer bottle.

Aaron nodded and laughed. “I’ll check with her to see what her schedule is like this weekend.”

“It’s the Sixth Annual Butler Football Kickoff Barbecue. Don’t think you’re skipping this year, man.” John teased.

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Skin and Scars Chapter 9

 Chapter 9

The sound of a steady rain fell outside. It was nighttime and the bedroom was dark. Julia and Aaron lay together in his bed; she was tucked into him closely and he held an arm around her shoulder. They had spent several nights like this since they had decided to make things official three weeks prior. When Julia wasn’t on a trip, they spent time with each other, taking turns staying at each other's homes. 

Twist Of Fate Chapter 20

Still away on vacation but back to my Friday posts, even if I do it in a hurry once again without reviewing thoroughly for the mistakes and typo errors. As I know you probably are all worried about Matt's fate, no more suspense, here is Chapter 20 with some updates on his accident.

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Skin and Scars Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Julia stirred slowly the next morning. The bed was warm and cozy and she didn’t even feel like moving. As she blinked open her eyes, Julia saw the soft stream of early morning sunlight peeking through the dark drapes of the bedroom. Turning to the other side of the bed, she noticed that it was empty. From the feel of the empty space, she knew Aaron must have gotten up a while ago, as the sheets were cool to the touch.

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Three's A Crowd Chapter 28

Hello friends,
here is this weeks installment of TAC: Chapter 28 After the devastating discovery Shawn made, lots of pain and heartache bring both Shawn and Trish down. Is their love strong enough to overcome this obstacle and start talking about everything? Thank you everyone for reading and I appreciate your feedback, it means so much to me, Hugs, Dani
Here is the Table of Contents: TOC

Skin and Scars Chapter 11

 Chapter 11

Aaron slowly opened his eyes to see that the bedroom was completely dark. He was still on his stomach and shirtless in the bed, but was plenty warm with help from the comforter. He turned his head expecting to find Julia next to him, and his brow furrowed when he discovered she wasn’t. He turned to the nightstand, the clock read 1:26 a.m. and Aaron realized he must have fallen asleep hours before. He noted that his shoulder wasn’t throbbing like it had been, for which he was thankful. Taking his time with the process, Aaron pushed up from the bed and turned over.