Thursday, December 31, 2015

He's Not Mr. Perfect - Chapter I

CHAPTER I - The Walk of Shame

As she strolled down the street in those impossibly high heels that would probably grant her a lifetime of back pains in her sixties, Alex swore to herself— that would be the last time she did that. The last time. As if the walk of shame wasn’t, well, shameful enough, she also felt like the alcohol from the previous night hadn’t left her system yet, judging by how cloudy things were in her head. Plus, she’d lost one of her contacts. She’d taken it as a sign from the Universe.
She had to stop seeing Richard. For real.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

He's Not Mr. Perfect - Chapter II

CHAPTER II -- Wouldn't You Like to Know

“If you’re still planning on drinking that,” she pointed at the half empty bottle that had been sitting there forever. “Don’t. Hot beer sucks.”
Alex placed the condensation slicked bottle on the table with a loud thud. The man looked at her with a set of deep blue eyes, framed by rimless glasses she hadn’t noticed from afar. She liked them better than contacts. He had a Clark Kent kind of vibe to him, which was good—she was a Superman kind of gal.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

He's Not Mr. Perfect - Chapter III

She couldn’t remember when she had stopped wearing worn out jeans, beaten up Chuck Taylors, red headbands and white shirts with paint stains in it, and honestly Alex didn’t mind having abandoned the starving artsy college student that came with it— now, her closet was mostly made up of pencil skirts and stilettos, she was finally able to have a diet that didn’t consist in different-ways-to-prepare-a-lamen and she could afford a place that could fit the living room that studio apartment she had shared with three other people, but sometimes her heart ached for the unlawfulness of her college days. Which was probably why she loved building presentation models. They felt real, messy, not like the 3D plants in a computer software; all the fine work and concentration required to turn the picture inside her head into miniature perfection was really all she needed to take her head off her mundane concerns.
Except that she didn’t want to take her head off her mundane concerns.

Monday, December 28, 2015

He's Not Mr. Perfect - Chapter IV

When he called that night, Alex figured the chances he was cancelling again were drastically low, but still there. Especially after she’d called him that morning, still staring at the great flower arrange—roses. Roses were never cliché, they could never be overdone. Roses were roses, the same way passion was passion, just never quite enough; somethings could transcend time unharmed, like fine wine—better with time. Classy. Traditional. Consistent. Alex loved them. But roses were a long way from washing away her personal vendetta. She’d make him squirm a bit.
“I eat lunch at my desk.” Alex had told him as soon as he picked up, using her best annoyed voice.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

He's Not Mr. Perfect - Chapter V

Chapter V - Cappuccinos & Croissant

“I know you have lunch at your desk, but maybe you’d be willing to make an exception?
“I think you missed the point, Mr. Masters,” she grinned. “It’s not that I have lunch at my desk, it’s that I don’t have lunch.”
“So you basically just starve yourself to death?”
“I’m not starving. I’m just not hungry during lunch.”
Not that she needed any excuse to be with him. But Alex rejoiced in being reassured like that. He wanted to be with her. And that shook the butterflies inside her stomach awake from their sleep.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

He's Not Mr. Perfect - Chapter VI

CHAPTER V Dinner & a Movie

“Oh my God.”
Her voice cut through the silence, interrupting the water flow in the kitchen.
“What?” He asked.
“Oh my God, Elliot.” She spun in her heels to find a clueless man. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Tell you what?” He frowned, drying his hand in a World's Best Uncle little towel he had in his lap.
Alex put her hands in her hips.
“This is first date content, you don’t omit something like that.” He wheeled around the kitchen island, still oblivious and concerned. “It’s a serious matter.”
“I mean, I didn’t sign up for that. I'm afraid I can't overlook it...”

Friday, December 25, 2015

He's Not Mr. Perfect - Chapter VII

CHAPTER VII The White Chucks Society

She’d come to notice that there were two Elliots—the one from after work, who wore impeccable white dress shirts and a tie she had no idea how he tied, who had a crease between his eyebrows 70% of the time and looked absolutely deadly. And there was the casual Elliot, and honestly, the only difference between the two of them were the Chucks.
“I love your shoes,” she’d told him once.
Elliot looked down, as if to check what shoes he was wearing. “I must have had them for a decade.”

Thursday, December 24, 2015

He's Not Mr Perfect — Chapter VIII


Fuck me.

Elliot said it under his breath, but loud enough that Alex heard it. She looked around, trying to find out what was giving him such a deep crease between his eyebrows, but got nothing. He did a weight shift by bending over his knees and pushed against his thighs to sit back.
“What’s up?"

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

He's Not Mr. Perfect - Chapter IX

CHAPTER IX Dirty Little Secret

“Thank God for hand controls.”
Alex barely reacted to his voice. She simply turned her head around, her cheek pressed against the steering wheel.
She held her breath, her face burning. I’m sorry, she wanted to say, but instead looked down at the polka dot skirt she’d taken less than a second to find, lying on the kitchen floor, and slip over her head.
Disgusting, Alexandra. You’re disgusting.
“Or you’d have stolen my car.”
She tried to detect a trace of bitterness in his voice, anything that told her he was as disappointed and angry at her as she was at herself. But when she dared to look up at him, instead of his lips pressed into a thin line and a deep frown between his brows, Alex found a lopsided smile.
Alex heaved a sigh of relief and despite herself, she gave him a tiny, more ashamed than happy, smile.
“Sorry,” she said under her breath.
“So your plan was…”
“I didn’t have one,” Alex confessed, feeling her face burn with shame.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

He's Not Mr. Perfect — Chapter X


CHAPTER X  Murderball

Here I go.

Alex swallowed down on whatever was rising up her throat as she stopped short of walking into the gym. She heard the playful banter being shouted around by male voices, rising above the sound of metal crashing against metal—so different from the usual scratching sneakers on the court floor one would expect from a gymnasium.

Another woman walked past her and only then Alex managed to control the anxiety and follow her inside. She brushed the palm of her hands in her jeans and squinted at the brightness of the court. She heard, more than saw, the men in wheelchairs zooming in front of her, their protected cambered wheels painted in different colors, with stickers glued to them—though they spun so fast she could barely notice anything. As fast as her heart, if she was being honest. 

Feeling airheaded, Alex walked to the bleachers and plopped down. She tried to spot Elliot, but things were moving too fast. She didn’t understand rugby—there were two sports she knew well and those were volleyball and soccer (Liberté, Égalité, PSG!) , otherwise, nothing. All she knew was how long she’d craved to watch live wheelchair sports. Now that she lived alone, she’d sit in front of TV for the Paralympics and watch everything, from fencing to basketball. She’d wonder what it would be like—not playing, but being one of those people on the sidelines, the girlfriends and wives . And her entire life, she’d fought those feelings, telling herself how everyone would take a look at that unaccompanied woman and immediately know what sort of freak she was. She couldn’t bring herself to do it.

But now she had the opportunity. And it felt nice—warm and disorientating. Exciting, because she knew that as soon as the game was over, one of those guys would wheel straight to her, and he’d kiss her like she belonged there. Not a freak.

She felt the smile reaching the corner of her lips just when she spotted Elliot, looking flushed and dishevelled, wearing a white jersey that showed his powerful upper arms. There was something about the way he moved in his rugby chair, a determination in his squinting eyes as he leaned forward and carried the ball in his lap to the end of the court, that made Alex so much more excited than she’d ever been for any male volleyball practices she’d stayed behind to watch with Callie.

She gave a happy squeal when she noticed Elliot had scored a point, one of his arms raised above his head and a gleam to his face, but her reaction was a little delayed and the game was already moving again—that’s when, in the middle of the court, having passed the ball to a guy ahead of him, Elliot spotted her. His whole face lit up and he blew hair from his eyes, grinning widely and looking so incredibly boyish. She raised a hand to give him a wave, and he was about to do the same when someone knocked against him full force, tipping his chair sideways. Alex leapt to her feet as an immediate reaction. Even though that fall was harder than the one weeks ago, outside her apartment, it looked more controlled—his legs didn’t flop all over him and he still seemed perfectly attached to his chair. 

Alex fought the urge to go in his direction, watching as three guys from his team positioned themselves one at each side and the other behind him, and pulled him back onto his wheels easily, as if they did it all the time—which they probably did. He high fived them with his glove and adjusted himself before looking at Alex again with a mildly embarrassed look.

“You okay?” She mouthed. He smiled, brushing his hair off his eyes with his forearm, covered in a black sleeve, and nodded.

Alex blew him a kiss. Not a freak.

Like a medieval knight claiming his damsel after a tournament, Elliot rode in her direction, smiling, an aura of victory surrounding him. He had a spray bottle of water between his knees and when he was close enough, Alex felt herself being pulled in his direction. 

“Hey there.”

She kissed him, feeling his chuckle when his friends howled in the background as they wheeled past them. Alex felt her chest expand. This was so right.

“Get a room, you two!”

“Fuck off, Dave,” Elliot shouted, mid kiss. 

When they parted, Elliot nodded at his bottle.

“Could you spray that on me? Not easy with the gloves.” He asked and she took it from his lap and sprayed it on his face and neck, getting a playful chuckle from him, even though he closed his eyes and his shoulders sagged with obvious relief. “Thanks. Heat is a bitch.”

She put her hands on his knees and leaned forward again for another peck. “Not all kinds of heat, I hope.”

Elliot spun around, fully laughing now. She followed him into the court, heart racing. He slowed down to place one of his gloved hands in the curve of her ass, maybe a little bit possessively. She appreciated it.

He introduced her and some of the guys who were fooling around the court with the ball turned around to see her. She felt herself blush under their wide grins, thinking that had she not been with Elliot, she’d already have fainted by now. Impressively enough, looking at them now, she didn’t feel anything at all other than pride and happiness of being Elliot’s girl.

“Do you play anything, Alex?” one of the guys, Pete, spun his chair around them, looking like an overexcited eleven year old. 

She shrugged, trying to play it down. For some reason, she felt uncomfortable in admitting her passion for volleyball to an amputee. “Volleyball. Sometimes.”

“Sometimes my ass. She plays volleyball at least twice a week.” Elliot answered, resting his gloved palm on her ass. He looked proud and she smiled. “I’ve seen her going to practise with a sprained ankle. Never misses it.”

“It’s just a hobby.”

The guys chuckled.

“So, do you know murderball?” Pete passed her the ball, which she reflexively took right before it hit her stomach.

Murderball?” She pressed it between her hands. “Hey, this is a volleyball.”

“Quad rugby.” Elliot translated. “And yeah, same size and weight.”

“Oh. Hm. Not really. But I think I got it from watching you. Rough game.”

“It’s a contact sport, like rugby.”

“I don’t know rugby either.”

“Grab a chair, we’ll teach you.”

Alex hoped the surprise she felt wasn’t as clear in her face. She had to press her nails against her palms to ground herself. 

“Oh, no.” She stepped back. “I just got back from the gym… and we have to go. Right, Elliot?”

He looked up at her, raising his eyebrows only slightly right before shaking his head with a low chuckle.

“Yeah, we have to go.” 

Alex followed him back to where his day chair was parked, a gym bag over it, and he proceeded to brush his palms against his knees. It took her a couple of seconds to realize he was trying to get rid of the gloves. He gave a frustrated sigh once he noticed it wasn’t working. Alex closed her eyes for a fraction of a second while she pondered over doing it or not.

Fuck it. She thought. It’s not a big deal. 

Alex took a step closer, sitting in one of the seats to get to his height.

“Let me.” Alex asked, taking his hand in hers. Elliot gave her a funny look but said nothing, staring at her the entire time. “Oh God, is this silvertape?”

“What? Oh, yeah.” He smiled. “It’s to keep the glove from sliding off.”

“Boys and their toys, I guess.” She laughed, using her nails to get past the tape, firmly tightened around the length of his black Nike arm sleeves. She managed to take the gloves off, throwing them inside his gym bag and facing him again with a smile. “Done.”

He reached forward, stealing a light kiss from her.


Her insides warmed up at the word. See, it wasn’t a big deal. Except it was. 

Alex rounded his wheelchair, parked right next to the bed, his sneakers placed on top of the cushion. She’d made it three steps when he pulled back the sheet, the only thing covering her nakedness.

“Oh my God, Elliot.” She crossed her arms in front of her boobs, crouching slightly.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked.” He laughed.

She stuck out her tongue.

“Come back.” He insisted, patting the place she’d just left, right beside him.

“I need to take a shower.”

“You already did.”

“Well, some of us do sweat.”

He laughed as she walked towards the master bathroom, and just as she reached it, a pillow flew straight against her bare ass. She closed the door behind her with a smile, faced with her own reflection in his mirror.

Once again, Alex noticed the adaptations there—the lowered sink and mirror, the parallel bars around the toilet seat, the roll-in shower with a cushioned shower chair. Like the rest of his condo, none of that seemed the kind of last minute addition to accommodate his needs, but very natural, like it’d always been and always would be there. Once again, she had to compliment whomever had thought of such an intricate design to the adaptations and the way they worked so perfectly, like an organism. She was taking notes.

Alex brought the showerhead to her body instead of standing under it, as it felt wrong to sit in the shower chair, just like earlier the mere thought of sitting in a wheelchair had. She was quick and tiptoed out of the bathroom only a few minutes later to grab her toothbrush from her purse. Elliot watched her with a wolfish smile, but he was holding his phone to his ear. 

“Yeah. No. Sure.” He answered in a monotone voice, staring at her as she stood against the doorway, brushing her teeth. 

He’d covered himself up to his armpits, like he always did whenever he got the chance, and she still hadn’t seen him without his pants on. They didn’t talk about it and she wished she could tell him how incredibly and irresistibly sexy she thought he was. Slowly, Alex. Slowly.

“I’ll see, mom. I promise.” She heard him saying as she rinsed her mouth. “I’ll ask her. Yeah. Bye. Love ya’.”

When she went back to the room, he was done with the call. She crawled back into bed, snuggling in close with him and resting her head over his chest.

“Your mom?” She asked.


“What did she want?”

“Oh, you know. The usual.”

Alex didn’t know. She wrapped a leg around his narrow waist and kissed his chiseled jaw, feeling the characteristic smell of his shampoo. He was so great. There were times Alex surprised herself by just how much she liked him. 

Elliot buried his nose in her hair, kissing the top of her head as he stroked her leg with his knuckles. She fell asleep like that. Belonging.

The mattress sank next to her head. She tuned her ears to the man next to her only to hear his ragged breath and deep, low grunts as he pushed his palms into the mattress to sit up. Alex opened her eyes just in time to see a grimace in Elliot’s face as he pulled his body with great difficulty to the edge of the bed. He’s in pain, she noticed, her chest clenching with sadness. She didn’t say anything that would betray the fact that she was awake, but she watched as he transferred into his chair and wheeled away. She also saw the bright blackish purple bruise around his ribs.

She heard the water running in the bathroom sink for several minutes and considered going after him. And after a while, she did. Alex snuck out of bed on her tiptoes and peeked inside the bathroom. There was Elliot, leaning over the sink, his forehead touching the lowered counter. Pill bottles around him. His breath was uneven, but steady---the way they are when you try to get rid of the pain. Her heart ached for him.

Maybe she should’ve made her presence heard, but then he sat up and pushed back. Alex ran back to bed as fast as she could, jumping back into the sheets. She lowered down between the pillows and went back to the position she’d initially been in. The rattle of pill bottles. The low grunt when he wheeled back into the room. She pretended to wake up just then, sitting up with a lazy groan.

Elliot  managed a smile, but the heavy bags under his eyes and just how slouched he was in his chair told her just how terrible he was. 

“Sorry, did I wake you up?” He approached the bed.

“Oh, no.” She sat back against the headboard. Her heart thumped in her ears. Elliot pressed his fist against the mattress and tried and failed a transfer a few times, his shoulders moving but his lower body just getting no momentum, before angling his chair closer and finally managing it with a painful grunt. “Hey, what’s it?”

“Hm?” He masked the sound by clearing his throat. “Nothing.”

Alex bit her tongue before proceeding. She’d spent the entire night hearing those painful sounds he so expertly tried to hide. His pushes had been slow and uneven. She’d noticed how only by miracle he’d managed the transfers without landing on the floor. 

“Roll over.” She said as he pulled his legs onto the bed by the knees.

“What?” He frowned at her.

“Roll over.” She ordered. “I’ll give you a massage.”

“Alex, that’s really… it’s fine, I swear.”

“Roll over, Elliot.” She cleared the space, pushing the pillows and blankets out of the way. 

He stared at her for a moment. He released a deep sigh and raised one arm above his head, his balance precarious, and Alex was quick to pull the black sweatshirt over his head. Elliot crossed his left ankle over his right, swinging his shoulders and using the momentum to roll over to the right, putting a pillow under his chin. As soon as he did it and she had the full view of his naked back, her eyes widened at the sight of a huge purple bruise around the area of his ribs.

"Oh, God" she muttered. "You need an ice pack for this."

"For what?"

"Your back."

"Shit." He growled into the pillow.

Alex was careful when she mounted him, right on top of his ass. It was skinny and slightly bony, and she had to swallow down some nasty guilt — because she thought it was sexy. She began unknotting the tight muscles down his back, using her knuckles. As she massaged up his back, around his shoulders where he could feel, she heard a couple raw, relieved sounds from him. God, he was so sexy. 

"Babe, I'm gonna go get my pain relief spray", she warned, reaching for her bag and climbing on top of him again. 

"I don't believe in that stuff." 

"You don't have to," she was shaking the can. "Hold your breath. This one is strong."

"Fuck my sheets."

"I have."

At least he chuckled.

Alex sprayed it all over his back, then carefully slid herself to the side, falling right next to his face. His eyes were only half open, but he moved his arm from under the pillow and  put his hand affectionately on her face, brushing his knuckles up and down on her cheeks.

"Thanks." He said, so close she could feel his minty breath. "You're so beautiful."

"You too," she grinned.

Alex reached behind his neck and lightly traced his spinal scar. He purred like a cat under her fingers, rolling his eyes. She kept the soft motion, moving her nails around his scalp, his soft hair between her fingers. Alex felt light, and a million thoughts escaped her mind. She was drifting away, barely able to keep her eyes open.

"Alex?" He asked, as sleepy as she. She released a hum?, eyes still closed, so far away… "We're serious."

He simply stated. It wasn't a question. That seemed to wake her up a little, but only a bit. Eyes half open, she saw that his own were wide, carefully watching her.

"We are." 

"You're coming with me, then."

Alex opened her eyes and sat up straight, frowning. "What? Where?".

He was silent for a moment, then shook his head. "Nevermind." Then propelled himself up on his elbow. 

Alex opened her eyes, and sat up straight. "What is it? C'mon, tell me."

Elliot seemed to be carefully measuring her, as if trying to figure her out. Either that or he needed his glasses. He finally let out a sigh and fell on his stomach again, mouth half buried on his pillow.

"There's this...thing."


"At my parents'..."

She didn't like where this was going.


"Anniversary. On Christmas.".

"That's sweet."

"What I mean is… Will you- I mean, do you wanna…"

Even though her insides were twisting and her mouth was dry, and a single thought ran through her head, she smiled.

"Remind me again how on earth you are a lawyer "

Elliot smiled.

"I did convince you, didn't I?"

Alex rolled her eyes. "A damn good lawyer."

He laced his arm around her waist, pulling her back to where she belonged—right next to him. And that was undeniable; nothing had ever felt so right. And yet, that nasty, wounded part of her screamed in the back of her head:


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In/Exhale Continues - The Aftermath

Thank you guys for a wonderful first half of a season! It's been a rough ride for me as many of you know, emotionally and physically, and it's been great to have my loyal readers to help encourage me along the way. I know I/E isn't at all what most people look for in a story on here, but looking back at the previous two seasons I really feel like this one is even better than those that came before, and I feel like it's something I can be proud of.

Previously on In/Exhale: Kai has agreed that he and Jon should both move in to Vicky's house as the best way to ensure he continues to recover while minimizing Jon's anxiety. Kai finds out that his hearing loss is permanent and pretty severe in the higher frequencies, and Jon convinces him to get the best hearing aid on the market to help him hear sounds normally out of his range, but it will take time for him to adjust, literally and emotionally, to his new reality, despite his being fine on the surface.

This Week on In/Exhale: Jon takes Kai to eat and the emotions of the day threaten to explode out. Jon confronts Kai about some of his secrets. Ultimately, Kai is able to find hope and finally see himself as part of Jon's family with Vicky.

Next Time on In/Exhale (after hiatus): Kai returns to school for his first day of class with his new hearing aids, trying to be fine with his new life and yet struggling all the same. Renee supports him and boosts his confidence to talk to Zach, his advisor, and start charting his future.

February 6, 2001 - Part III

Updated Table of Contents.

I'll be taking a few weeks off to catch up on this story since I don't have any more completed days after this one. A lot are half done, and I don't know how long it will take me since I'd like to have probably 3-4 days (which would be probably 12 episodes) done at least before I start posting again.

I also want to use some of this time if my headache/health allows to get back to work on my NaNo project (in case you missed it, you can read an excerpt on my blog). I've gotten a lot of great feedback on the short excerpt I posted, and one friend who has read the first 25,000 words is threatening bodily harm if I don't let her read more soon, lol.

I can't say it enough how amazing it is to have the loyal readers and commenters out there for encouragement. Kai and I are not so unalike in that way. As Renee says to him at one point in the next episode, "I'll tell you 10x a day, every day, if I have to," and I can be like that, too. Especially with my health, with the relentless pain (I thought acupuncture was helping but now I'm not so sure it is) there can be a lot of really, really dark days for me. (Again, Kai and I are alike there, too.)

I will miss you guys a lot, but I'll try to post a few times on my blog if I can, and I may even put up a special sexy excerpt of my NaNo project here that I won't post on my blog.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate, and if you don't, that you still have a great next few weeks, and a Happy New Year.

You can also follow me on Twitter for updates, too.


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In/Exhale - Kai's Hearing Test

So sorry this episode was late, guys. I know that I've put Kai through a lot, and I know it may seem like "too much" to some people. But I take the story where I feel it's going, and there's a lot of my own personal experience in it (even if it's fictionalized), and maybe because of that I can't help seeing all the complexities of a situation or illness. Maybe this doesn't make any sense to any of you reading this right now, but while it may seem sometimes like things happen "just because" in this story, I promise I've given a lot of thought and sometimes have explored multiple different branching paths before settling on the version I've shared with you.

Previously on In/Exhale: As a result of a dangerous infection in December, Jon had no choice but to give Kai's doctors permission to treat him with drugs that could potentially damage his inner ear. Now, weeks later, Kai's feeling the effects: vertigo, tinnitus, and hearing loss. He's making some good progress with his recovery from his mental illness, beginning to be more open and trusting of those close to him, but he still has a long road ahead of him.

This week on In/Exhale: Kai sees the ENT and has his hearing test, finally discovering whether or not his hearing loss is permanent, and how severe his inner ear damage is.

Next week on In/Exhale: The final episode before the break. Kai and Jon deal with the fallout of the rest of the day--deciding to move into Vicky's and Kai's hearing test results.

February 6, 2001 - Part II

Thank you so much to my loyal readers, to those of you who've followed my crazy, melodramatic saga week after week, who take the time to comment. I love reading your comments, especially seeing how you interpret a particular episode or incident. Thank you all so much.

And thanks again for those of you who've given me feedback on my NaNo project. I had to put it on temporary hold because of my health, but part of what I plan to do during my break is to work on it. And I may post a surprise snippet here on the blog (that I won't post on my site) just for you. :)

I'll be taking time off after next week's episode, but don't worry; I have a LOT more in store before the season ends!


As always, the Table of Contents has been updated.

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Footsteps Chapter Thirteen is Up!

Hello, Rose here! As promised, I haven't forgotten you lovely readers! I've been somewhat hiding under a rock recently, but I'm crawling out every now and again as Christmas approaches.

I was very touched by your comments and feedback on Chapter Twelve, so a heartfelt thank you for those. It means a lot.

As for this chapter, we begin to see a little doubt creeping in with the emergence of someone from Caleb's past, but hopefully you'll enjoy some of the more touching moments too.

I hope that, as ever, you will let me know your thoughts on my story. I promise you I will see it through to completion, and it's all mapped out. I just need to write it!

And the Table of Contents has been updated too.

Take care, and thank you!

*EDIT* I have been under my rock so long I forgot which chapter this was in the post title. That has now been altered... Ooops!

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A Christmas Miracle

This is a singleton story, in honor of the holidays.  Hope you enjoy it!

A Christmas Miracle


One of the first things that attracted me to my husband over 10 years ago was his virility.  If he wasn't running a marathon, he was competing in a bike race or maybe climbing a mountain. Joel was always moving, running, exercising. He had this perfect, toned body without even having to specifically work out at a gym. He had the sexiest body of any man I have ever met.  That's part of why I fell in love with him.

Looking at Joel now, sitting next to me, his body strapped into a power wheelchair, his fingers curled and positioned in splints, his legs immobile, the word "virility" is the last thing that comes to mind. Another word much more quickly comes to mind, a word we've tried to avoid saying for the last year and a half since that damn truck hit Joel's bicycle:


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Three's A Crowd Chapter 48 - The End

Hello all my loyal readers, it is Wednesday and here I am with the next and final chapter of TAC. I bring you Chapter 48 and in this chapter you will meet everyone one more time. I have to say I was sad when I wrote those final two words at the end of the chapter, but I feel the story has played itself out. This story is the first finished story for me here on the Blog. I know I left "No Strings Attached" open for a Part 2 and I am working on it but TAC did take most of my time over the last year. I am also working on another story already which I am excited about but still will have to work on for a while to start posting. So Wednesdays are open again for any other authors here on our Blog. I had such a wonderful time posting every week for you, well, almost every week. I got so used to my main characters Trish, Shawn and Jesse. They felt so real at times and I have a special spot for them in my heart. I also have a special spot in my heart for all my readers and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your comments and feedback and for taking the time to follow TAC every week. I was very surprised to see all the hits on the last chapter and I am still trying to figure out what attracted so many readers or did people read it a couple of times...:-) I am debating if I should give publishing a try with TAC but I just don't know if I can pull it off. Anyways, I love all of you and your loyalty meant so very much to me. Thank you sooooo much, Yours truly, Dani
One last updated Table Of Contents: Table Of Content Three's A Crowd