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Update to the Consolation Prize

Hi everyone! 

Happy Thursday. I know last week was a pretty big week for Scottie and Will, but here's hoping this week can top that. I promise this isn't quite the last chapter, but we're getting there :( 

Excited to hear what ya'll think about their reunion. Please comment with thoughts, feelings, frustrations, and feedback. I love it all, and you guys. Feels like we've been on a hell of a journey together! 

With love—Chapter 25 

And for those catching up or re-reading: 
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The One

Hi, This is a first for me and I'm unsure if it's worth continuing with or not so I would be grateful for some feedback. It's a little story that I have had in my head for a while. 

Thanks in advance. 

New chapter "Will Love Prevail"

Hi my friends,
thanks to everyone still reading "Will Love Prevail".
I have been thinking a lot about this story for a long time and on Thanksgiving morning last week I woke up very early in the morning, insecurity jumped on me and I panicked thinking about the story and the upcoming chapter for today.
My mind was racing at the receipt of the story and not knowing what people think. Because of the theme of the story, the language, and the way it was going to continue I thought long and hard and sat down and over the last couple of days I started rewriting everything for the new chapter this week.
Everything I had initially written is now going to change. When I started writing a brand-new chapter for today I started feeling panicky but at the same time I think I can pull it off and make this a story you all want to read still.
Basically with the new chapter I completely changed the way the story will go and I am kind of starting at zero again. It's kind of a big deal when you have a story pretty much finished for many chapters to come and then start anew again. My previous stories were all finished before I started posting them here. Maybe I should have done that this time.
I felt people wouldn't want to wait too long for Mark and Chiara to finally get together. Of course it's difficult to know what people think. And I can tell you that Mark and Chiara wouldn't have gotten together yet for a long time but instead the story was turning tragic.
Anyways, I give you the next chapter Chapter 5  of "Will Love Prevail" and hope you like it. Let me know if you feel inclined to it.
Thanks for reading, you mean a lot to me.
Hugs, Dani
Here is the TOC

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The One, Chapter 2

Chapter 2


I hit it off with Sophie straight away, there were no awkward silences and we seemed to be into a lot of similar things. Well at least the things I used to love. Sophie told me all about her passion for travelling and her beloved football club. There was nothing more I loved doing than jetting off to a different country every time I had a break or playing football on a weekly basis. Even if it was just 5 a side. I’d not taken a step out of my country since the accident or should I say roll. And as for football, I struggle to watch the game on telly now never mind play or visit a stadium.

At that moment I realised my glass was empty, my heart started to race as I thought about Sophie realising I had to use a wheelchair so soon. I gave John a look and he instantly seemed to understand what I was going to say. “Drink anyone?” I asked.
“Pass me your card mate and I’ll go. Saves these beautiful ladies from moving,” replied John.
I silently mouthed “cheers” to John who in turn winked at me. Immediately, my heart started to slow down and I turned back to Sophie to continue our chat.


I couldn’t believe my luck. After the initial shyness Ben did some serious flirting with me and we seemed to like all the same things. Could this be it? Could he be my Prince Charming?

Suddenly, Clare shouted, “drink up ladies, the taxi is here.” My heard sank, I didn’t want this to be the end of my night. I don’t think I’d ever had this connection with anyone. The girls stood up to put their coats on and John got up to say goodbye. I knew it was now or never. I’d never done anything like what I was about to do before. “Pass me your phone Ben,” I demanded sounding so confident. Without saying a word Ben passed it to me. I opened it up and typed in my number. I handed it back to him now shaking and said, “Hope to hear from you soon”. I leaned in and slowly placed my lips of his rosy red ones and cupped his jaw with my hand. “Goodnight sexy,” I said as I turned around and left the pub.


I couldn’t stop smiling, this had been the best night out since... God since I can’t remember when. Just then John came back from the door after saying goodbye to the girls. Sam has stayed with me otherwise I would have looked like the ignorant one. John looked at me with a serious face and I knew what was coming next. “Why man? Why didn’t you tell her?” he asked.
“You know why!” I snapped loosing all excitement about the situation.
“Ben you do know this can’t go anywhere if she doesn’t know the truth,” said John in a sympathetic tone.
“I know it does but I just wanted one night. One night where I was normal again. One night where I wasn’t pitied.” I cried.
“Ok you have had your one night now. when you message her you can tell her the truth,” demanded John.
“No, I’m not messaging her. My fun is over so let’s just leave it at that.” I replied in such a serious tone I knew the boys wouldn’t question it anymore tonight.

Update to the Grinch

In this chapter, will Noelle finally discover that Jeremy is the neighbor she despises?  Find out....

Chapter 6

Table of Contents

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The One Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Four days later and there was still no message from Ben. Why? I thought to myself. We had got on so well. Maybe he didn’t see me as girlfriend material and just as a bit of fun on a night out. Well I’d show him, we were off to a Halloween party at the local and I planned to dress to impress. I didn’t know if Ben would be there but I sure wanted him to regret not messaging me if he was.

Slowly, I walked down the stairs and smiled at Clare. “Wow you look stunning!” she stated never taking her eyes off me. “If I was that way inclined I’d make a hit on you right now sexy lady.” Immediately, we both started to laugh. I knew I looked pretty decent because I’d never seen Clare react like that. I was wearing a red wrap around lace dress, a pair of thick black tights and a load of eye make up. I had spent ages curling my hair and to finish off my outfit I placed my devil ears headband on my head and got Clare to safety pin my tail. Just then the taxi beeped out side so I put on my knee length boots and carefully walked to the taxi.


“No I’m not coming,” I screamed back at John.
“Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get a move on. Sam and Dan will be waiting for us. Dan said how it will be like old times the four of us together.” Said John.
“No go without me. You’ll have more fun without little ole cripple me,” I replied sounding like a petulant teenager. John laughed at me and stamped his feet saying,”It’s so unfair”. Whilst flicking his bottom lip. “You sound just like Kevin from Kevin and Perry. If you don’t get your wallet and coat I’m going to push you out of the house and drag you to the pub with my bare hands.
“Ok I’ll come but I’m only stopping for an hour and I’m driving,” I stated.
“Ok deal!” John replied looking smug with himself.

We arrived at the pub within 10 minutes. John quickly came round to my side of the car and placed my wheelchair on the floor. I carefully lifted each leg up and placed them on the floor. Slowly I moved to the edge of the drivers seat and leaned forward to grab hold of my chair. In one swift motion I lifted myself off the drivers seat and into my chair. I quickly picked up each of my useless legs and placed them in the centre of my leg rest. John looked up at me and said, “shit it looks like it’s going to be busy. It’s Halloween, I totally forgot.”
“Well when we get in. Get me into a corner  and out of my chair because there’s nothing worse than getting constantly banged into,” I explained. I knew John knew the real reason was Sophie but he wasn’t going to say anything because it had been difficult enough to persuade me to come at all.


I quickly scanned the room and immediately I saw him. Sat with a lad I didn’t know and two other girls. John spotted us and followed us to the bar. He gave Clare a peck on the cheek, whispered something in her ear to make her smile which is something I’d have to ask her about later. He then came and said hello to the rest of us.

 The bar man approached us and then John made a beeline for me. “Soph I know you must be mad at Ben but please give him some slack. He’s been through a lot recently and he’s nervous around women. Especially beautiful ones like yourself.”
“What I load of rubbish,” I snapped back.”How can anyone as attractive as Ben be nervous around women? I’m not stupid, I know he only wanted a bit of fun that night. I can take the hint. I’ll be civil tonight but that’s it with us two.”
“Sophie you have this totally wrong. There’s been a lot of changes in Ben’s life over the last 10 months. I’m not going to explain what they are but they knocked his confidence. Yes before he knew he was a good looking lad who could have his pick but he no longer sees himself as that person. Please just give him a second chance,” pleased John.
“Like I said I’ll be civil but I don’t believe half of what you’ve said. He’s not even got off his arse to come and apologise. He could have at least done that, “ I replied angrily.

I slowly stepped out of the bathroom. I had said I needed to go visit the ladies but it was more so I could compose myself before seeing Ben. As expected John had asked us to sit with them and the others had said yes. Donna had looked at me with eyes that said sorry. I’d given her a secret nod so she knew I was ok about things. As I reached the table I realised I did know one of the girls, it was Nicola who worked at the local dentist and her colleague Lisa.

Nicola turned to face me and said, “Hi Sophie, it’s nice to see you. I haven’t seen you in ages. Let me move over so you can get in.” I looked up from where she was moving from and saw Ben. “No it’s ok I’ll sit on the end,” I replied.
“No nonsense we’ll move down,” she said. She then put she hand up to shield her face and said, “plus Lisa is hoping to get lucky with Dan over there.” I quickly scooted along the bench, not once making eye contact until I was sat to the left of Ben.


Wow! I don’t think I’d ever seen anything as beautiful in my life. Her hair glistened in the light and her cleavage showed enough  to make me want to rip her clothes off there and then. I shook my head, what was I thinking? If she knew the real me, she’d never want half a man. God she doesn’t probably want me after last time anyway. I looked at her sad eyes and knew I was responsible for them. “Sorry,” I said. God how pathetic am I? Sorry is the best I could do?
“Sorry? What for? You don’t have to be sorry for not wanting me but you could have at least told me,” she said with a disappointing tone. “I get I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.”
“No Sophie, stop there! You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I’m just not in a good place right now to drag someone into my life. I’m sorry I was a coward and never told you,” he pleaded with puppy dog eyes. “Truce?”.
“Ok truce but never lie to me again. The truth is always better!” Sophie replied.

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The One Chapter 4

Chapter 4


 God I’m such a coward. I’ve got the best woman in the world here and I can’t even be honest. She might have wanted me even after all my floors. God who am I kidding? She definitely would have ran a mile.

Suddenly, Sam jumped up in a drunken mess and I quickly realised I had been using him to keep myself up right. I instantly felt myself slid sideward and the next thing I knew I’d side planked the back rest.   God I wanted to die. Why wouldn’t the floor open up and swallow me whole? Sophie laughed, turned to me and said, “how much have you had to drink? Come here, let me help you up you drunken sailor.” I stuck my hand out and used Sophie and the table to regain my balance. “Thank you. I’m obviously more drunk than I thought. Think I need to slow down. Water next for me,” I replied smiling but secretly knowing I’d only had one alcoholic drink.
“Ok, I’m off to the bar. Water is it,” stated Sophie.  Just then Sam came back and plonked himself next to me. “You bloody idiot, you got up and I was using you as support and I face planked,” I snapped.
“Sorry mate! I didn’t think,” slurred Sam.
I looked at Sam with sudden fear in my eyes. “What’s up mate?,” Sam questioned.
“My leg bag. I forgot to empty it before we came out. Will you have a quick feel and see if it’s full?” I pleaded suddenly feeling very worried. Sam bend down and gave my bag a squeeze. I would have done it myself if I wasn’t worried about loosing my balance again. “I’d say about three quarters full. You want to go empty it?” asked Sam.
“No I’m fine. I’ll just not drink anymore,” stated Ben.


The night quickly flew by and I couldn’t believe how at ease I was with Ben. I laughed so much my belly hurt and quickly forgot about his rejection. I confidently said to him, “pass me your phone again.” Ben looked at me confused. “Don’t worry I’m not trying it on with you but I’m going to ring myself so I have your number because I’d like to stay friends.”
Ben smiles and replied, “I’d like that as well.”
“Right taxis here so we need to go,” explained Clare. I turned to look at Ben and said, “Bye” as I walked off.

The taxi had been gone 10 minutes when we arrived at Donna’s. She quickly got out of the taxi and waved goodbye to us. That’s when I realised that I’d left my coat with our house keys on the back of the chair in the pub. I apologised to Clare and we made a detour back to the pub.

Soon after the girls had gone Lisa and Nicola also decided to call it a night. Once they had gone I mentioned to the lads that I was tired and ready for home. All 3 decided they were ready so we started to pack up for the night. I quickly slid along the back rest and transferred into my chair which John had brought back to the table. Once I was seated I heard the unmistakable voice of Sophie say hi. I quickly looked up to see a very nervous Sophie. “I forgot my coat which has our house keys inside,”she stuttered. “Ben I’m confused, where’s the wheelchair come from?” Immediately, I saw the puzzle fit together in her head and her face change to disgust. I tried to control my emotions and did the only thing I could think of. I pushed as quickly as I could to the toilet and locked the door behind me.


“I’m confused, does Ben always use a wheelchair? Why’s he hid it? I don’t understand!” I babbled.
“Sophie to cut a long story short yes he does. He’s not got his head around it and feels he’s treated different when people don’t know’” explained John. “I need to go see him but I promise to come round tomorrow and explain it all. I’ll ring Clare to sort a time. Sorry you had to find out like this”. I stood there in shock and confusion as everyone disappeared around me.


“Open the door Ben. Open it now I’m worried. If you don’t open it In 10 seconds I’m kicking the door in and you are paying the bill for a new one,” shouted John. I knew he wasn’t joking so I answered him. “Are you on your own?” I asked feeling my voice begin to shake again.
“Yes she’s gone home and I told the lads to get a taxi. Now open up!” John demanded.
I undid the latch and slowly rolled back. John peered around the door and I took one look of him and lost it. He knelt down and put his arms around me. “God man you know I don’t do hugs or crying. You are privileged here!”
“I saw it. I saw the look in her eyes. Once she saw me In my chair she looked at me in disgust,” I sobbed.
“Don’t be silly! There was no disgust there. Confusion yes but no disgust,” stated John. “Let’s get you home and you can think it through and then you can message Sophie in the morning.”
“I’ll agree on the first part but no way can I deal with anymore disgust or pity so there will be no message from me,” I replied.
“Whatever you say,” sighed John.

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Chapter 5 The One

The One

Chapter 5

Update to the Consolation Prize

Hi everyone! 

It seemed like the general consensus last week was to have a Thanksgiving post—so here we are with Chapter 24. Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments. They make my week each and every week. 

I think this might be the chapter that you've all been waiting for—but don't worry—it's not the end. Here's hoping you like it. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Happy reading to everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving to those in the States! 

Chapter 24 

And for those catching-up: 
Table of Contents 

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The One Chapter 6

The One - Chapter 6 

New Devo Diary

It's time again for the biweekly update to Devo Diary. In this chapter, a former hookup unexpectedly reappears, and also I try again to have a relationship with a girl, with the encouragement of my lesbian friend who is going through some drama of her own.

Devo Diary Chapter 49: Betty

Table of Contents

As always thanks very much for reading and please do leave a comment!

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The One Chapter 7



“So are you going to tell me what’s happening with you and John? Don’t say nothing is happening because I’m not stupid,” I asked Clare.
“Ok we’re hoping to give it another go. Don’t say anything to anyone because it’s early days,” Clare pleaded.
“Secreted Sade with me,” I replied and gave her a little shoulder barge. “I hope it works out for you Clare because you deserve some happiness.”
“John said he was hoping to get the lads here tonight. I wonder if they came.” quizzes Clare.
“I’ll give Ben a text and see if they are here,” I said.

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New Chapter "Will Love Prevail"

Hi friends,
happy Monday!
Thanks for reading and commenting last week, you guys are awesome.
Here is the next chapter for "Will Love Prevail"

Chapter 4

Mark is finally going to see Chiara again. Enjoy and let me know how you like the chapter. Thanks so much to all of you.

Hugs, Dani

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Update to the Grinch!

In this chapter, Jeremy and Noelle meet once again.  Will she realize he's the neighbor she hates?

Chapter 5

Table of Contents

Would love feedback, as this is a work in progress!  Also, in the last chapter, there was a scene where Jeremy was talking to his elderly neighbor and I was worried about the scene going on too long and maybe getting boring.  Thoughts? 

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Update to The Consolation Prize

Hi everyone! 

Hope it's good week. I'm excited to post Chapter 23 because we finally get to see a moment between Will and Scottie—the first since their heart wrenching breakup. And we also get to see a bit more about Pete and his feelings on everything. 

Thank ya'll for your comments and feedback last week. I love reading them all—truly makes this whole thing worthwhile. Seriously cannot wait to see what you think of this week's installment—shit gets real. 

As for next week—what do you think? Do you want a Thanksgiving post? Maybe building a little more anticipation—waiting until the week after—before Chapter 24 is a good thing?? 

Chapter 23 

And for those catching up or rereading: 
Table of Contents 

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New Chapter "Will Love Prevail"

Hello my readers, 😊
first off, Happy Veterans Day to all service women and men past and present and the families who have been  alongside of them through the generations. My husband served in the US Army for 22 years and I'm very proud of him. My son is presently serving in the US Coast Guard and I'm very proud of him as well. My younger son is thinking about joining the US Air Force but I still have him with me for at least three years ❤

And to my readers, thanks so much for last week's comments and for everyone who is reading without commenting. I appreciate all of you very much. You mean a lot to me.
Here is another chapter of my story "Will Love Prevail".
I hope you enjoy and I look forward to your comments.

Chapter 3

Hugs, Dani 💖


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Update to the Grinch

So you know how they say if there's a gun at the beginning of a book, it will definitely go off by the end?  Well, in a dev story, if there's a long extension cord, it will definitely get tripped over....

Chapter 4

And also: Table of Contents

Also, this is the last day where you can get the entire Santa's Girl (Dean & Callie) box set for 99 cents with the conclusion to their story.  It will be $3.99 after that.  Buy it now on Amazon while it's still cheap!

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Update to The Consolation Prize

Hi everyone, 

Hope ya'll are having a good week. Excited to post this week's chapter. We'll get to see a little bit about the aftermath of the breakup. 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, reactions, favorite parts, and feedback. I really love reading your comments each week. Can't believe I've been posting since May!  

Chapter 22 

And in case you want to catch-up or re-read: 
Table of Contents 

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New Devo Diary

Thanks every one for all the comments last chapter! This time around I start messaging with a blind guy online.

Devo Diary Chapter 48: Mickey Cross, part 1

Thanks again for reading and please do leave comments.

Table of Contents

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New Chapter "Will Love Prevail"

Hi friends,
thanks for the comments last week. They are very much appreciated. It's really the only way for me to know if people like the story or not. I enjoyed particularly reading the long comment about action and descriptive writing. Thanks so much for that feedback.
I am not sure I will have a whole lot of action in this week's chapter. We are going to learn more about Mark though.
Here is Chapter 2 of "Will Love Prevail".
I hope you will enjoy and I thank you all for reading and commenting.

Here is also the TOC - Will Love Prevail
I will attach this updated every week.

Hugs, Dani

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Update to the Grinch!

So for those of you who were wondering what would happen when Jeremy and Noelle finally meet, that happens in this chapter.  But.... it doesn't happen the way you think....

Chapter 3

And if you missed it, here is Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

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Free Friday: Santa's Girl

Last holiday season, I started posting a story called Santa Crush, about an elf who gets a crush on the guy playing Santa, but has no idea about his secret.  I got such great feedback, I wrote a sequel, then another sequel.

Now for this holiday season, I decided to finish off Dean and Callie's story with a final novella that can only be read as part of the Santa's Girl Box Set:

So I don't want anyone who is a fan of the series to have to pay full price for the entire box set just to read the final novella, so I am keeping it at 99 cents (the minimum Amazon will allow) if you get it on preorder now. This is just for you guys. When it releases on Nov 12, the price will go up to $3.99.

Buy it now on Amazon.  Or else read an excerpt....

Santa's Girl

This suit fits like shit.

Suits are not meant to be worn by people sitting down. That is not to say that when you are wearing a suit, you’re not allowed to sit down. But obviously, the ideal position for someone wearing a suit (or really, any clothing) is standing up. That’s why they usually show models standing up, not sitting in a chair.

The jacket I’m wearing, for example, is too long in the back. I don’t want to sit on the hem of it, because it will cause pressure on my butt, but if I’m not sitting on it, it bunches up. The pants are wrong too. When I sit, they slide down in the back, and the fly zipper pouches out a little too much. But my mom thankfully removed all the back pockets from my pants soon after my injury, so at least I don’t have to worry about pressure injuries caused by pockets.

Like I said, it’s exhausting sometimes.

I wish I could stand. Just for this interview. I wish I could stride into VP Howard Thornton’s office, look him straight in the eyes without having to tilt my head up, and shake his hand. I wish just for today, I could leave the wheelchair behind at home.

But I can’t, of course. I can never leave the wheelchair behind. I will never be able to leave the wheelchair behind. Not short of a medical miracle.

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Update to The Consolation Prize

Hi guys—

I'm back! So sorry about leaving you on a cliffhanger last week—promise it wasn't my intention to take two weeks to get back here, but I'm sure it's built up some anticipation :) In this week's chapter we finally find out the truth about Will's accident. Hope it doesn't disappoint. 

Really excited to hear your thoughts and reactions—please comment to let me know! It's so encouraging to read them each week. Enjoy!

Chapter 21 

Table of Contents