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Not Gay - Chapter 2

Jay doesn’t tell Chris about that evening with Darren. He wouldn’t know what to say, he feels like his brain hasn’t finished processing what happened, plus he’s not sure he wants it to be repeated. That’s why, the next month, when Chris comes over with grass in his pockets and a joint between his lips, ready to watch another video of Jay’s porn selection, Darren isn’t there.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Not Gay - Chapter 3

And then on one of their regular evenings, Darren is late. He’s never late. Jay only notices how unusual it is when he finds himself already standing behind the door when the bell rings.

“Did you miss your train?”

Maybe Jay opened the door too quickly or too abruptly, whatever it was, he apparently managed to spook Darren. His features lock up in a painful-looking spasm, his eyes flutter shut and his lips curl as his knees jerk upward.

“S-sorry,” Jay stammers and stares, rooted to the spot, in front of Darren.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Not Gay - Chapter 4

By chance, Jay meets Darren again just a few days later, on a house party for a common friend. Darren is like he always is, a bit moody, a bit snarky, but all and all it appears like he’s enjoying himself. Jay and Darren have a brief moment alone in the kitchen, when Jay stumbles in to witness Darren try to pry open a beer can with his teeth.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Not Gay - Chapter 5

A few months later Darren is late. He’s not that late, not like this one, disastrous time, it’s just a couple of minutes later than he normally arrives, so Jay knows he took the same train straight from work that he always takes. But it must have taken Darren a little longer to come the way from the station to Jay’s apartment and standing behind the door, waiting, Jay wonders, why.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Not Gay - Chapter 6

As has become custom, Darren and Jay don’t talk about the incident from their last jack-off session. The next meeting is without any remarkable interruptions, it’s a good day for Darren, he even makes a joke about Jay’s generous use of lube, and Jay defends himself, almost not blushing as they banter about the correlation of amount of lube, cock size and general skill. And so Jay almost chokes on his coke, lounging on Chris’ reclining chair, when, a couple of weeks later, he hears Darren say:

Monday, June 24, 2019

Not Gay - Chapter 7

It’s like the four weeks until Jay and Darren meet again stretch into eternity. Jay tries to make time go faster, he loads his evenings full with activity, goes running three times a week, meets with his downstairs neighbor for board games and spends his weekends drinking and dancing until his mind is numb with alcohol and physical exhaustion. But it’s not enough. Every minute he isn’t focused on a task, every pause in a conversation, every single time he comes back from running, sweaty and panting, and takes his headphones off, the mental images come rushing back. It’s like he’s there, he can imagine the sounds, the smell, the colors, in all detail: Darren next to him on the couch, his deep, vibrating voice guiding Jay, ordering him to reign himself in, to hold back. Calm, strong words, and the hitch in the back of Darren’s throat, the desperation breaking to the surface as he tries to bring himself closer, agonizingly slowly. Jay’s cock throbbing, the desire unbearable, ravaging, a need he hasn’t known before, almost can’t bear. And then Darren as he’s chasing orgasm, his breathless moans, jumpy movements, clothes rustling and Darren’s left hand slapping onto the couch, uncontrollable. The knowledge of Darren coming next to Jay with a suppressed grunt, while his eyes are on Jay’s steady hand and his cock, watching.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Not Gay - Chapter 8

When Jay returns to the party in the kitchen, the air is so thick with smoke he wouldn’t have to worry about looking flushed at all. No one pays attention as he slides on his chair next to Darren’s wheelchair, not even Darren, though Jay is sure he noticed a slight worsening of tension in Darren’s right arm, his fingers flexing unwillingly. Several joints are passed around and Jay feels himself relaxing with every pull, his head filling with cotton, his limbs becoming heavy and warm. Conversation has slowed down considerably.

Update to Cabin Fever!

Hi all!  It's time for the weekly update to Cabin Fever!  I ended the last chapter on a cliffhanger... I hope you enjoy this one:

Chapter 9

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Not Gay - Chapter 9

“Were you going to sneak out like a lover after a bad one-night stand?”

Darren’s hand clenches into the armrest as the wheelchair jolts to a halt. “Jay.” His head is thrown backward, hitting the headrest with a thump. “You’re already… awake?” By a jerk of Darren’s hand, the wheelchair turns around, rubber wheels squeaking on the smooth floor of the corridor.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Not Gay - Chapter 10

On the evening of that same day, Jay becomes restless again. Training helped keeping his mind occupied, but now after coming home, changing into more comfortable clothes, warming up leftovers and eating, he sits on the couch that he converted back from a bed, and longing thoughts of Darren occupy his brain again. Jay has bunched the sheets together in one corner of the couch because he somehow can’t bring himself to throw them onto the pile with used clothes. They still smell of Darren, it’s an earthy, masculine odor, and Jay thinks he could get high just from it alone.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Not Gay - Chapter 11

“And then she gave me this!” It’s one of the guys, Elmer, coming back from the bar with a few opened bottles of beer in one hand and waving a napkin with the other. He’s grinning like he just won the lottery and when he places the bottles down hard on the table, spilling some of the beer, it’s clear he’s already a bit drunk. “Told you she’d finally cave. No one can resist this guy’s charm.” He points at himself and smiles, dimples carving deeper into his cheeks.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Not Gay - Chapter 12

“You are being ridiculous.”

“Darren?!” The question is obsolete, the large man in the wheelchair blocking the hallway leading to Jay’s apartment is undeniably Darren. He’s hunched over a little, hands tucked away into the sleeves of his jacket to keep warm, but his head lifts the moment Jay exits the elevator.

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Father's Day Update to Cabin Fever!

Happy Father's Day!  In honor of Father's Day, here's another very exciting update to Cabin Fever:

Chapter 8

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Update to Cabin Fever!

It's Sunday again, which means another update to Cabin Fever.  Things start to get heated in this chapter...

Chapter 7

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Final chapter - Will Love Prevail

Hi there my friends of Will Love Prevail,

I am sorry I am so late on this Monday but I wanted to make sure the final chapter of "Will Love Prevail" will be ready and good.
I sit here with tears of sadness and joy in my eyes as I finished this story. We followed Chiara and Mark for a few months and witnessed how they met, the challenges they faced, the trauma they endured and the love they shared.
I grew attached to them and I hope you did too. I love writing for myself and I love that some people enjoy reading my stories.
Things sometimes come to me as I write, I don't have any real outlines on my stories and I am only an amateur. I do this for fun and pleasure but my stories sometimes feel so real and I invest lots of emotions into them and they can actually take a toll on me.
I usually have music on while I write and different music moves me and inspires me as I write. My playlist on this story consisted of mostly Indie Pop but I finished today with this song playing "Silhouette" by Active Child (feat. Ellie Goulding).
If you are inclined to, put your headphones on and check it out and feel this story with me. To me this song captured the essence of the story, about deep and everlasting love.

I now give you the final chapter of Will Love Prevail as we say Good Bye to Chiara and Mark.

Chapter 32 - Final Chapter

One last Table of Contents, updated with a description of "Will Love Prevail" TOC Will Love Prevail

From the bottom of my heart I thank all of you who read this story all the way to the end. You mean so much to me and my writing. I don't know you but you mean a lot. Maybe let me know once more how you liked this story.

Thank you and lots of love,

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Update to Cabin Fever

Hi all!  I'm back with a weekly update to Cabin Fever.  In this chapter, Jake learns the truth about Natalie...

Chapter 6

Table of Contents