Friday, September 21, 2012

My Brother Reed


I have just posted a short story which isn't a romance or erotic but I wrote it and thought I would share it.....

This way to the story......

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Campus Hook-up

I've been complaining for a while about the fact that there are no stories about gay relationships on here, so I decided to make an attempt to write one myself.  Be kind.  If people like it, I can attempt to write more.

Here goes...

Campus Hook-up

The pedestrian bridge about half a mile off campus was well known for being a prime cruising location.  Parker leaned against a tree, his Ray Bans concealing his vivid blue eyes, his nondescript navy blue hoodie concealing his blond-streaked hair and his broad shoulders.  Through the dark lenses of his sunglasses, he studied the men passing by the bridge, first checking out their physique, their walk, their hair, and especially noting if they seemed to be looking for someone the same way he was.

Nobody knew that Parker spent his Sunday afternoons cruising a bridge off campus.  His parents didn't know.  His friends on the state champion hockey team didn't know.  And his girlfriend sure as hell didn't know.

Parker knew he'd be in big trouble if anyone knew he came here, or about any of the men he'd hooked up with in the last year.  Melissa would leave him for sure, not that it would be a big loss.  His father would probably cut him off and he'd have to scramble to figure out a way to pay his senior year tuition at the university.  And his teammates... well, they'd probably beat him to a bloody pulp.

Parker tried not to think of the possible consequences of his actions as his eyes rested on a man sitting on a bench about ten yards from the bridge.  Actually, he was more of a boy, probably around college age like Parker was.  He had short black hair that was tossed carelessly by the wind, and there was an intensity in his face was intriguing.  But more than that, Parker was drawn to the taut muscles in his shoulders and chest, even though he had a lanky frame.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

2 More Moderator Updates

First, after careful discussion and deliberation, I think it would be a shame to completely eliminate the option to comment anonymously.  However, since there has been some pretty bad trolling recently, I've decided that all comments will be moderated.

Therefore you can still comment anonymously if you'd like.  You can make positive comments or constructive negative comments.  If your comment is mean-spirited, it will be deleted without the author seeing it.  And believe me, you won't hurt my feelings with your comment, so don't waste your time.

Second, lately there's been a string of revisions on the blog.  While I think it's great that people want to revise their stories and make them better, I ask that you not clutter the main page with multiple updates about revisions of multi-part stories.  When you have completed all your revisions, you may make a single post alerting readers to this fact.

A Word From Your Moderator

It has come to my attention that some users have been abusing the anonymous comment function to harass authors. For this reason, anonymous commenting will no longer be allowed. All comments must be linked to a name.

We encourage constructive criticism of all stories and authors. However, comments that are simply attacking or trolling will be deleted. Not all comments have to be positive, but we will not tolerate abuse or flame wars in the comments.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Monthly Moderator Post


Since the last update, we now have a list of disabilities on the right sidebar.  If you click on a label, it will take you to the first chapter of stories with that theme.


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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Happiness Pact

Hi, guys! I wrote this story a long, long while ago and I hope it still holds up. :-/ It takes place in high school and is a bit more...chaste...than some of my other stories. As with most of my short stories, I think what it really needs is expanding. A project I'll have to get working on!

When geeky Sophie moves to a new school she has the bad luck to fall for the coolest guy in school. But Jake is dealing with a changing life and rescuing Sophie from her clumsiness might be just what he needs.

Sophie sat on one of the chairs and Alex sat on the sofa at his parents' house.  Paul pulled over another chair and sat down.  The three friends often met at Alex's house after school, since he lived within walking distance and his parents were rarely home.  His family's house was also bigger than the one bedroom apartment Sophie shared with her father and the modest single story home Paul's family lived in.
            “Did you get homework for English and History today?” Sophie asked.
            “Yeah,” Paul said, “I thought the teachers were supposed to work out a deal where it was one or the other.”
            Paul was an odd child.  He wore turtleneck shirts everyday and carried a briefcase to his classes.  He had a baby face that looked many years younger than seventeen.  Sophie had just moved to town a few months before so she didn't know that he had dressed the same and wore his hair the same since he was five years old.
            “Hey,” Alex said, “No homework talk.  You guys are such losers.”
            Paul laughed.  “So we're the losers, what are you?”