Sunday, January 2, 2000

Secret Garden Archive Table of Contents

The Secret Garden was a website for gay amputee devotees. Between 1997 and 2004, Doug Rogers posted dozens of stories there. Since taking down the website, he contacted Paradevo and asked us to archive his short stories here. Below is a list of the stories he sent us. The descriptions are taken from the original website. 

Doug also self-published his longer fiction on Amazon. Find his novels here.

Table of Contents

A Turn of the Wheel 2/27/2007 A stranger at the bedside of a dying man is the setting for this sweet short from The Wiz hisself!
Cindy's Fault 10/18/99 A one-legged girl named Cindy brings out the devotee in several young bucks... and you won't BELIEVE the ideas she gives a young gay guy!
Circles 2/2/2002 Sometimes it's difficult to know whether you are running away from or toward something. Here's a sweet short about a young waif on the road and the very special love he finds there. Stay for the end.
Circles II 2/6/2002 Randy is in the hospital and Corky comes to help him through recuperation. Or is that all that's going on? Corky seems in no hurry to get back home!
Closure 6/15/2001 Probably more accurately called "Questionable Practice Chapter 20", this short does sew up the questions as to whatever happened to Constance Parring, the devotee doctor from that novel. Yes, she DID retire to a tropical island... (But read on!)
Convert 7/28/2004 It was hard to figure out: The gay boy who showed his amputated leg off all the time befriended the straight boy who hid his from the world. Who's zoomin' who? And Why?
Drive-By 7/15/99 It's a violent world in which we live, and sometimes paths cross at tragic times. Who can doubt this tale of gangland violence and the changes it wrought to one man's life.
Equal Measure 3/9/2002 A young lass starts taking bust enhancement pills as a gift to her boyfriend. He's obviously delighted with the results until he asks what he can do for her in return! (Even if you're not a breeder, give this one a chance!)
Fantasy 12/15/2000 In the spirit of "The Cell" and "Total Recall", here's the story of a dev who pays for a week-long computerized fantasy vacation on an island filled with friendly, open amputees. The problem? The fantasy is too real! He falls in love with one of the characters there! But all is not lost... stay for the ending!
First Date 12/06/2001 Is a grade letter drop in a college course worth the distraction that caused it? A tale of missed opportunity. Or is it?
Flowers in the Wind 6/14/2002 Here's another coming of age love story that seems idyllic until one of the pair is struck down by a tragic accident. It's all about inner strength and who has it and who doesn't. Are you an Orchid or a Dandelion?
High Art 10/27/2003 This bit begins when a set of "hidden" paintings arrive at the home of an armless artist, and ends with one of the most hair-raising escapes in our collection!
Indiscretion 9/26/2004 The young doctor was captivated by the gay teen boy, so much so he took him home. But the story only begins there. Here's a tale of blackmail and strange turns. Stay for the end.
Johnny 2/10/2002 Here's an Oldie but a Goodie! The story of the overnight camping trip between friends Ted and one-legged Johnny has been around since before I started writing for the Garden. It suddenly occurred to me that it wasn't posted here! Remember!
Just a Little Scratch 10/8/2000 A wantabe finally finds a way to get the job done! In spades!
Looking Glass 6/5/2005 A man seeks help when a bizarre dream begins to plague him night after night. Here's a new short short from The Wiz.
Mr. Gilton's Last Christmas 12/16/2003 The young man had literally lost the same leg twice and he was mad as hell. Enter an elderly man of 103 years, and a whole different way of looking at life. It's the first Christmas offering from The Wiz.
Mulled Wine ½/2000 On a snowy night a few days away from New Years Eve, a one-legged man knocks at the door of a kindly widow. What follows should charm and warm you, just as it did them.
Reality 4/5/98 A football player is sitting at an awards ceremony, where, oddly enough, all of the recipients appear to be amputees!!!!
Resolution 6/26/99 Sometimes fate brings you everything you ever wanted in your life, only to show you that perhaps you have been wishing for the wrong things.
Ryan 6/14/2000 A chance encounter with a handsome young customer at her bar leaves the owner in a family way. Here's a sweet tale with a twist in the tail!
Secrets 5/13/99 The pretty young woman with one leg is furious when the man following her can't explain himself. But a friendship of sorts develops... As long as he doesn't ask that single burning question about her leg!
Shark! 11/13/99 A shark attack leaves a young lawyer without lower legs. But he's eager to get back in the diving game. Especially when this cute young lady on the excursion shows every sign of being a devotee!
Skalawag's 10/15/99 It was a great idea! A nightclub named "Scalawag's" where the waiters all wore peglegs! At least it was until the haters found out about the place!
Sweet Dreams 5/12/99 Be warned. You are about to descend into a nightmare. This one is all too real.
Tank 12/18/2003 What starts out as some rather unhealthy stalking turns into much more in this story of unrequited love set in the holiday season.
The Bully 8/9/99 You are the small kid that everyone picks on. But sometimes fate steps in to even the odds in ways that are far more devious than the obvious. This story also illustrates the young age at which "the attraction" often asserts itself.
The Dancer 6/12/2001 Here's the tale of a fellow who tries for a pickup at a disco only to find that the target of his efforts already has a date. Stay for the ending.
The One-Armed Boy 11/21/2001 When the brash young man with one arm came up and introduced himself, she didn't quite know what to do. She decided to at least hear him out. What followed would be with her for all the days of her life.
Trends 7/4/2003 Teens are quick to embrace new trends. It's just a matter of time until they find the next one.
Turnaround 12/19/99 A thirty-something is understandably bitter when he wakes up in the hospital minus an arm. Luckily, his lover is accepting and supportive. But it's hard to accept such unconditional love. What could possibly turn him around?
Vacation 10/21/2000 It's a long drive to get all of the people together for this nefarious tale, but the results speak for themselves!
Vengeance 5/15/2004 The traveler fell in love with the young man at first sight. The lengths to which he would go to prove that love are amazing, much more so because his lover will never know about them! A mini-detective story by The Wiz.
Weekend 9/21/99 A casual question triggers memories that are as fresh now as 30 years ago. A sweet miniature.
Wrong Turn 5/12/2004 Sometimes a wrong turn can ruin your life. Then again...