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Chapter 3 No Strings Attached

Hi, here is Chapter 3 of No Strings Attached. It took a little while because I have been busy. The chapter is a little bit longer I think. Hope you enjoy and I will try to post the next chapter quicker next time! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In/Exhale Continues

Last week, we got some brotherly bonding time, which continues this week. We also get to finally meet some of Renee's family in person as she flies into New Orleans, and fans of David will be happy to see him make an appearance as well.

November 18, 2000 - Part II

The season is nearing its end, and I'm so happy that I've finally figured out how it'll come to a close. There's only four more days left, which will be broken down into several episodes, though I'm not entirely sure how that'll work. Thanksgiving and the day after are both really, really long and complicated, and I might end up doing those as two double episodes each (four parts each). I'm not 100% sure yet.

I'm still looking for a cover artist if anyone's interested in doing one for the ebook versions of Seasons 1 and 2.

Thank you all for your continued support :).


PS - The Table of Contents has been updated as usual.

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Fractions (Table of contents)

Fractions is more of a memoir/diary than a fictional story. The fiction comes in where my memory is too vague but I've tried to stay true to the characters and events.

(If I've gotten medical facts and procedures wrong you have to forgive me because this is how I remember it but a lot of it happened over 15 years ago)

Also, English is not my first language, it has taken me well over a year (with necessary breaks) to write part 1-3 and edit it so I hope its readable.

Part 1: The stone ship and Fractions

Part 2: Stray cats

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

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The Difficult Patient

Story by Woodrow

It was 3am when Dr. James Levine's pager went off, and he was way too tired for this shit. 

James was in his mid-30s, with dark hair, medium build, and glasses. As a rehab doctor who only saw stable patients, he usually got very few late night calls, and that suited him just fine.

"Ugh. This better not be another page about Mrs. Stevens' aspirin dosage," he muttered to himself as the callback number rang.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

PLD Update!

Hi everyone, I've updated PLD. Going to try and get back in the habit of writing, because I really miss it and I've personally really Keeley and Clay. :)

Because it's been about a year (jeez, do y'all even remember Keeley and Clay??), I've included an updated Table of Contents. I hope y'all enjoy. :)

Chapter 14 

Table of Contents

The Difficult Patient (Part 2)


James noticed Ethan the first week of medical school, and he fell in love at first sight. Ethan was tall, muscular, and brimming with charm and confidence. Unfortunately for James, he was also very obviously very straight; he had no problems bedding a new girl every Saturday night. James resigned himself to the friend zone and Ethan seemed oblivious to his romantic feelings towards him. Classmates had their suspicions. Some used to joke that James followed Ethan around like a helpless little puppy follows its owner. But really, James wasn't helpless with Ethan so much as helpFUL, and Ethan clearly enjoyed the arrangement. James would lend his class notes to Ethan. He would make up study cards for Ethan. James would feign interest in Ethan's endless descriptions of the tight pussy he fucked last weekend. James would pretend to laugh when Ethan cracked his jokes about AIDS-infected faggots. 

When classes ended and rotations began, Ethan stopped talking to him. Somehow it wasn't such a big surprise to James. He knew it was because Ethan just didn't need him anymore. But he still cried when it happened. He couldn't help it.


Dr. James Levine was right; he didn't go back to sleep that night. He couldn't help but think about Ethan. The tragedy of his accident; how he still felt a twinge of arousal when he first saw Ethan again; and how that arrogant fucker didn't even remember him after all the time they spent together! Anyway, the morning was extremely busy and he didn't have time to dwell on these things. He went about his rounds, same as usual, save for the patient in room 104 screaming for 5-star hotel room service from the poor nurses.

By evening things calmed down. James was tired. He should have gone home to sleep, but something was drawing him to Ethan's room. Curiosity? Schadenfreude? Desire? James shuddered. He approached Ethan's room cautiously. Ethan was such a difficult, angry patient that the nursing staff was thrilled when James put him on a mild sedative that afternoon. Now he was sleeping in his bed quietly. With the staff avoiding his room like the plague, nobody would notice James standing in the doorway, quietly studying Ethan from afar. He couldn't help but admire Ethan's handsome face. If only it weren't connected to such a world-class asshole, James thought. Remembering his examination this morning, James felt a twinge of arousal as he thought about how he had laid hands on Ethan's bare chest and legs. 

As James stared, Ethan's legs began to spasm, his body flailing to and fro. As he flopped about helplessly, he slid from his bed onto the floor. James needed to rush in to help him, or call for help. But... he didn't. He stood at the doorway, just wondering what would happen next. His leg bag must have been damaged by the fall; James noticed the puddle of urine slowly expanding underneath Ethan's body. As the urine soaked into Ethan's gown, James stared, transfixed. Ethan's eyes were still closed. He was asleep in his own pee.

About two minutes passed, and James knew he couldn't just leave Ethan on the floor like that; he had to do something. He entered the room slowly and walked up to him. Standing over him, Ethan looked like a helpless little puppy, James thought. He bent down and gently lifted Ethan back onto the bed. The urine-soaked gown had to go, and James easily peeled it off. Ethan, now naked, continued to sleep. Next, the damaged leg bag and catheter had to go. Normally Jolene would take care of this kind of thing, but James wanted to give her a break and do it himself this time. James firmly grasped Ethan's penis and pulled. 

The catheter out, James' hand lingered on Ethan's penis, slowly tracing the length of the shaft down to his balls. He had fantasized about this cock so many times. He desperately needed it, and he just couldn't pass up his chance. It was late; staff was minimal, and in no hurry to visit their obnoxious new patient. Ethan was sedated, sleeping peacefully, and had no sensation below his neck. Nobody would know. James was rock-hard as he slowly moved his face down to Ethan's crotch and took Ethan's cock into his mouth. As he licked and sucked, Ethan's cock began to grow. James knew this was just a reflex response-- Ethan still couldn't feel a thing down there-- but finally having Ethan's long, hard cock in his mouth had stoked his lust even further. Staring up at Ethan's sleeping face, he took his hungry mouth off of Ethan's cock and switched to jerking it with his hand instead. Caught up in his fantasy and unable to control himself, he leaned in and kissed Ethan, on the lips, with tongue. That was a mistake.

Ethan slowly woke to the pleasant sensation of a wet french kiss. For a moment he passionately reciprocated; his dumb cunt of an ex-girlfriend must have finally come to her senses. But as his head began to clear, he realized with much distress that the stubble of a two day old beard was brushing against his lips. He mustered all his strength and tried to push James away, but it was a futile, pathetic attempt. He was being kissed and fondled by another man, and there wasn't anything he could do to stop it. But when James finally broke off the kiss, Ethan gasped in redoubled terror at what he now saw. His cock was in a man's hand; wet with a man's saliva. And it was as hard as a fucking ROCK! Tears welled in his eyes. He sputtered defiantly, as much to himself as to James, "No! I am NOT a fucking faggot!".

With Ethan awake, James' mind was racing. He knew he didn't have much time, and he knew what he wanted and needed to do. He grabbed a ball of leftover gauze, stuffed it into Ethan's mouth, and taped it in place. In a flash his pants were down and his cock was ready for business. He effortlessly flipped Ethan onto his stomach with his ass pointed up; Ethan was in no condition to put up a fight. James reluctantly grabbed a container of vaseline and lubed up; he knew he couldn't take the risk of leaving evidence for the nurses to find later during bath time. Pinned helplessly under James' able body, Ethan let out a muffled cry as James fucked him in the ass, hard, again and again. By the fourth or fifth thrust Ethan was quiet-- either resigned to his fate, or too mortified to speak. It didn't really matter which. The accident had taken Ethan’s body away from him; Now James was claiming that body for himself.

James neared orgasm, but he knew he needed to do something first. He grabbed his cellphone and grunted "Smile!" to Ethan as he snapped a picture of his cock deep in Ethan's ass. James was smiling; Ethan wasn't. Satisfied, James came quickly, all over Ethan's ass and back. He took one last photo, then he carefully cleaned up. He carefully wiped down Ethan, redressed him, and gave him a new catheter and leg bag. He wiped up the puddle on the floor, changed the bedding, and tucked Ethan in securely. Finally, he gently removed the makeshift gag on Ethan's mouth. He held up his cellphone and whispered, "If you make any trouble for me, I'll make sure everyone from med school sees how much of a little faggot cripple you really are." He gave Ethan a quick peck on the lips, and left. Ethan wasn't going to be telling anyone anything. 

It had been a really long day. Dr. James Levine drove home and went straight to bed for some well-earned rest, a contented smile on his face as he drifted to sleep, dreaming of his newest patient.

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Devo Diary Update

More Devo Diary!

Read on for chapter 18. Things get serious with Rollerboy, plus the inception of Paradevo, since you all asked. And I watch some TV.

If you're reading and enjoying, please leave a comment. I appreciate it!

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In/Exhale Continues

So, I hope you all enjoyed last week, in which Kai and Re got "intimate" for the first time.

This week we see the first part of Saturday, the morning after, and Kai taking Re to the airport. We also see he first part of some brotherly bonding at the pool.

November 18, 2000 - Part I

So I've been thinking of making In/Exhale available in ebook form for a while now (several of you have requested it more than once), so I decided to buckle down and figure out if I could do it. I have the first season almost ready as an ebook. I just need to finish a few details and it'll be done.

Right now, just content, without the info (like the faux wiki articles), Season One is 769 (manuscript)pages (or 135,000 words, plus or minus). 0_o!

That's right: In/Exhale will soon be available in ebook form!

I NEED A COVER! If you'd like to make a cover for Season One and Two's ebooks, email me at chiealeman[at]

Once they're ready, I'll make the ebooks of both seasons available on my website, as a free download in various formats. That way it'll make catching up (or re-reading) easier :).

Please keep the comments coming, as they do really motivate me :).


PS - Table of Contents is updated, as always.

Be a mentor!

If you are a current author on this blog, I am looking for volunteers to help new authors get the hang of posting stories (as I realize it's complicated).  I just don't have time anymore.

If you are interested, send me an email!

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"Unexpected" is back!

A while back I felt like I'd written myself into a corner and had no idea where to take this story next or how to move forward. I had ideas for the continuation, but it would 't work with the backstory I've given the characters.  Frustration was building and after a while I figured the only way to move forward would be to re-write the whole thing. I decided to take a break and it has been a good decision so far.

Now I've actually got ideas for the continuation of the original storyline and I'm pretty confident I'll be able to wrap it up soon. I have outlined the rest of the story and I hope to update weekly. Enjoy! :)

I've also updated the table of contents.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In/Exhale Continues

Today's episode is the second half of Renee & Kai's movie night out, and holds something momentous for both of them.

I really hope you guys enjoy it.

November 17, 2000 - Part II

I was worried for a long time about this episode, but after giving it some thought in context, I think it had to happen like this. I hope you guys agree.

As usual, I've updated the Table of Contents.

I also think I will end the season two days after Thanksgiving, on November 25, 2000, then take a break while I work on some other projects and decide where the story will go for Season 3.

Thanks for being such awesome readers. :)


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Devo Diary Update

Sorry for the long hiatus! I know you were all waiting to hear more about Rollerboy, so here it is, a double-length chapter:

Devo Diary Chapter 17


Get caught up:

Table of Contents

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One day sale on Time Traveler's Boyfriend!

For the next 30 hours or so, my latest book The Time Traveler's Boyfriend is on sale on the Kindle for only 99 cents!  It's super devvy if you're into cute nerdy paraplegics, and this is a one time only sale, so please.....

Buy it today!

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No Strings Attached Chapter 1

Ariana sat in the waiting room of the clinic, turning the pages of a People magazine, reading up on all the newest gossip in the entertainment world. It was good to stay up to date because it could possibly come in handy for her line of work. She knew of one of her colleagues, Clarissa, who actually spent an evening with a famous musician for an award ceremony a couple of weeks ago, taking place in Vegas. Supposedly he was very nice, Clarissa had a fun night and the girls read about that exact award ceremony and that same guy in the People magazine a week later. Clarissa had insisted that her right leg in the purple glitter heel was visible in the magazine article. She had even showed her purple heels to the girls that night at Mandy’s apartment for proof of her possible leg image in the magazine. Ariana smiled thinking about that evening.

She skimmed over images of actors, singers, and other celebrities, thinking about how some of them looked very plain, sometimes not even very attractive in some of the Paparazzi photos, taken secretly from behind bushes, trash cans, or from cars. Her own clients were usually business men coming to the city for conferences, company trips, or on a private outing. She hadn’t met any actors or musicians in her two years of being an escort.

The waiting room was crowded, children crying, adults and teenagers on cell phones typing text messages or looking bored. A TV was on low, showing a children’s program with some children seated in front of it on small chairs. Ariana was here for her annual gynecologist appointment, something she always pushed off until she was overdue. Her appointment was supposed to be at 2:30, it was already after 3. She expected to have to wait probably for another half hour or so. She looked around the waiting room at all the people.

Her eyes went back to the pages of the magazine. A small child started crying close to her and she glanced over seeing the mother cradling the child and trying to calm it down. It was a little girl, maybe around 3 years old. Ariana didn’t think she would ever have kids, she didn’t think she would make a good mother. She had not experienced a loving relationship with her own mother and she felt she would not be capable of being a good mother herself. Her own childhood had not been great and she didn’t think she would know how to deal with a kid.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 2

Jason saw the woman look at him as he briefly looked up from pushing his wheels over the carpet and he felt embarrassed. She didn’t hide her staring at him but almost seemed to be doing it on purpose to catch his attention. She got his attention all right! She was hot, sitting there among all these mothers, old people and children; she definitely stuck out like from another planet. He could see her wearing black leggings and some grey heels on her naked feet. He didn’t look up at her too long, just a quick glance at her face; she looked good for sure. Her long red hair framed her face, bangs down to her eyes and he saw a shimmer of earrings through her hair. He felt her stare at him very obvious and it made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In/Exhale Continues - Let's Go To The Movies

I'm so glad you all enjoyed last week's flashback. I know I was taking a risk with such a dramatic departure, but I hope you have a better feeling for what Kai's life was like while he and Jon were separated as well as what it may have been like if Jon had never found him.

Today was a stressful day for me, but I hope you'll enjoy the first part of a very special date night for Kai and Renee.

This day was one of the first I wrote waaaaay back when I was still posting Season 1 for you guys (the other was their date at the library). It's obviously undergone a few changes since the original draft, but I hope it'll give you some more insight into these two (and have some devvy moments, too).


November 17, 2000 - Part I

I'll be back again next week with the conclusion to this day which I won't say anything about except I think you all will love it. Then I think I'll do a few more days and possibly use Thanksgiving (or maybe the day after) as the season finale as I'm definitely going to need a break soon.

Thank you all as always for your wonderful comments. They really mean a lot to me. :)

Oh, I've also updated the Table of Contents, and I made it so you can click at the top to quickly jump to Season Two. Hope that helps make things easier. :)


No Strings Attached Chapter 3

Jason pretended to watch the TV but he knew the woman watched him the whole time and he tried his best to act like he could care less. He was out of practice of picking up girls and the waiting room of a clinic was not really helping the situation.

When she got up he glanced up and he saw her long shapely legs in the black leggings and even though her ass was covered up by her top he could only imagine how nice and round it was. She wore a short black jacket. Her red long hair reached down to her mid back. She was definitely a looker and he really couldn’t imagine why she was checking him out. He was caught off guard when she threw him a very hot smile right before she disappeared with one more glance at him through door number 4. He smiled back at her and then looked down. She was gone and in his mind he was metaphorically kicking himself in the ass for not having had the guts to actually sit close to her and maybe chat a little.

Monday, March 3, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 4

During her appointment Ariana was a bit distracted thinking about the guy in the wheelchair and a little disappointed that she may not see him again. Her doctor confirmed to her that everything seemed to be in order and asked a few questions about her sex life. Ariana wasn’t in a relationship and any sex with clients was with protection provided but she did have an occasional one night stand here and there. She always used protection and if a guy or client would not want to use any there was not going to be any sex. She did not want to take a chance on getting pregnant or getting a disease by some random guy and if the guy didn’t want to protect he was out of the bed and out the door. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 5

Jason made it to the central bus station and after checking the schedule he realized he would have to wait for almost an hour for his bus home. In moments like that he wished so much he would have a car and could just go as he pleased and not waste so much time waiting around. He wheeled over to a coffee shop close to the bus station and ordered a coffee, then parked his chair by the window where he was able to watch the people walk by outside. He pulled out his phone and scrolled down to Ariana’s number. He wanted to text her but doubts about seeming too desperate kept him from typing. She had given him her number though; she wouldn’t have done that if she wasn’t just a little bit interested in him. He brought up the text message box and thought for a moment what to type. He started “Hi Ariana (hoping this is your name)? This is Jason from the bus stop earlier.”

Saturday, March 1, 2014

No Strings Attached Chapter 6

The next few days were dragging by as Jason was looking forward to Tuesday and his date with Ariana. He was supposed to work Monday and Tuesday night but was able to switch his shifts with his coworker Arlene. He usually started working at 9 o’clock at night so he figured on the Tuesday of his date with Ariana he didn’t want to take a chance of having to leave Ariana and going to work that night. He wanted to be sure to have enough time to spend with her if it came to that. Arlene was o.k. switching shifts with him; he would work for her on a weekend.