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No MC today

Hey, everybody. It's the end of my academic year and things are just all sort of crazy such, I'm sorry, but there's no MC update today. Which stinks because I know you're just all dyyiing to see things finally heat up, eh? Or...maybe you're not and that's just me. ;) 

However, I promise though to have a delectable chapter week after next :) I promise!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New author with a new story


New author here, with a new story. Kind of nervous as some giants of devotee fiction are regular contributors here. I know the expectations are high and English is my second language. 
This is a three part story (could become a four part... Haven't really decided yet!) and here's only the first part. I know that much relating to the tags aren't here, yet. They start to come from the second chapter. So, please wait for it. I'll try to post the second chapter soon.

Do leave comments to let me know how you've liked it so far.

Building Love - Chapter VIII

Thanks to everyone who follows Eli and Isabel's story. I'm glad that you don't think they're going too slow. Anyway, their relationship crosses a couple of milestones in today's chapter. If nothing else, it's very hot. Enjoy!

Chapter VIII

Monday, April 25, 2016


It was a dark and stormy night.
That’s the ultimate cliché of melodramatic literature. And yet...
It really is a dark and stormy night.
Another flash of lightning illuminates the dreary night sky and a crash of thunder follows suit moments later, shaking the ground beneath my feet.  
As the relentless wind whips viciously - angry lashes against my delicate skin, born from passion, unthinking, uninhibited, in the heat of the moment - I firmly brush aside the wet hair that is plastered to my face.
I’ve come for you.

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Pretty Fat Update

New chapter of Pretty Fat, including Emily's date with Brody!  And a shopping trip that I hope some of you ladies will be able to relate to, because I sure can...

Chapter 4

(Next time I'll put together a table of contents, I swear!)

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For The Love Of Not Walking Chapter 2

Hi, first off thanks for everyone who started reading my new story FTLONW two weeks ago and left comments. I appreciate you very much. So here is the next chapter of my new story and this is where I get nervous because the story will now take a turn into something slightly different and I don't know if my loyal readers will be happy with the direction the story will take now. Back a couple of months ago all of this was somehow in my head for a story idea and I didn't know if I would be able to make it happen and I definitely didn't know if it would be something people would actually read. Oh well, I put it on "paper" and here it is. I am nervous but I hope maybe some of you will still be interested in the story and on this note I definitely would love to get some feedback from you and read what you think. So here is FTLONW Chapter 2. Thank you very much, Hugs, Dani

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Pretty Fat Update

Thank you to everyone who commented on the last chapter!!!  This is my weekly update.

In the last chapter, Emily was absolutely horrible to poor Brody.  Can she ever make it up to him?  Read and find out...

Chapter 3

Saturday, April 16, 2016


What I really wanted to do was jam the damn thing into his eye.
“Quit staring.”
Maybe I would just snap it in two and take out both of his pretty little eyeballs in one fell swoop.
“You’re being a creep again.”
Okay. What I really, really wanted to do was repeatedly stab his retinas to shit, throw my scalding hot coffee in his generically handsome face, and call it a night. But that would be a such waste of five dollars.

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Margaret's Chance Chapter 9

For the inquiring minds that want to know, Dani and I have decided it is our duty to pump your Thursday's full of dev-ilicious stories. I'll be (attempting) to take the alternate weeks that she doesn't. :)

And so, without further ado, here you have it: chapter 9 in which we meet a new character, get a wee bit of drama, and things begin to heat up (like you hopefully all are wanting...:) ) This one's a pretty long chapter topping out at almost ten pages; I hope you all liked it!

For those just beginning, here's an updated Table of Contents.

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Pretty Fat update!

Thank you to everyone who read and commented on the first chapter of the story!  As I mentioned elsewhere, there's a little backstory involved about Emily to get through, but I swear to you, for those of you who are into quads, this will be my devviest (sp??) story yet. 

Chapter 2!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Chapter Seventeen

Molly looked at the double doors to the building across the street as they opened, and Aster came out. He was tall, with a measured step, and he was darting across the street, towards her. He wasn't even shivering in the frigid afternoon air.

She felt a sting in her eyes as he got closer. The world became blurry. He said, "Mohy. I need your help."

She shook her head, because it didn't seem real. None of this seemed real. He had the same, slightly-monotone voice, the same silky white hair and shifty eyes. But his back was straight and his arms looked solid, strong. And God, he was so tall.

"Please," he repeated.

Samuel hadn't said a word up until now, but Molly felt his presence behind her. It was suddenly clear to her.

"No," she said. The wind rushing past her ears and the silence of the parking lot made her repeat it again. "No. You used me. You knew I had feelings for you. You made me feel so... Stupid. So, so stupid."

The tension in Aster's body never broke, but he  had the decency to stand still, to look into her eyes. Then just as quickly his glance flitted away. "It is something I… Regret immensely. You understand why I behaved in the manner I did. And I am sincerely remorseful."

"No, I don't understand!" The blood rushed to her face, the familiar feel of rage inside her. "I don't know why led me on like that! And now you have the gall to-"

She felt a pressure around her forearm. "Molly," Samuel said. 

Molly took  a deep breath. Aster kept glancing back across the street, rocking on his heels, puffs emerging from his lips and then disappearing in the cold.

"I probably hate them more than you do," Samuel said quietly. He was still behind her. "But you came back here. You wanted to help, remember? Don't you think we should undo what we did?"

Molly pursed her lips. "This conversation is not over," she said to Aster, who was expressionless, as usual. "What do you want us to do?"


The thing about wormholes is that they were easy to find, since they existed everywhere- tiny irregularities on the smallest of scales, where matter and time were indistinguishable. It took minimal energy to enlarge them, and perhaps a light bit more to keep them open. Passing through them was the only issue, for most people. Not for Aster or Cassia, though. They'd been built that way.

Right now,the issue was getting to one. Aster decided to escape from the inside. He just had to get to her.

He unlocked the janitorial closet on the ground floor of the building, where he'd left the nurse. He found the man slumped in the corner, motionless but not dead. He had fallen asleep. Aster tapped the nurse on the head.

"Bring me back down to the lab," Aster said. "You will then escort me to where I need to be, then you can leave. You may spend the rest of the day at home."

Yawning, and not quite to his senses yet, the nurse struggled to make sense of this. "Okay, but… Aren't you worried I'll tell on you?"

Aster shrugged. "It will be far too late by then. Please stand up."

The elevator operated normally, without any ID necessary, until they got to the basement. Then the nurse flicked on a seemingly random spot on the shiny wall, an a tiny door popped open, revealing a shallow slot. The nurse slid his tongue inside, raisng himself on tiptoes, and the elevator jerked into downward motion again. Compared to the high-speed vertical transportation of cities like Rhodium, Twenty-First Century elevators were unnervingly slow.

When the doors finally slid open, Aster was face-to-face with the Doctor.

The older man frowned. "I didn't authorize his being taken off grounds," he told the nurse.

Before either of them could answer, Croton pushed past them. They stepped out into the corridor.

"Hold him in a room until I get back," the Doctor said, jabbing the 'up' button. He seemed to be in a rush. Molly and Samuel were working quickly, apparently. He'd asked them to threaten the Doctor with the one bit of leverage they had: knowledge. They knew too much, and it would be dangerous if they made that knowledge public.

Now that Croton was out of the way, hopefully things would be easier. Aster stood tersely behind the nurse as the man asked a fellow worker where Cassia was. Aster was close enough to hear the conversation, far enough to seem like he wasn't listening.

The nurse switched suddenly to Tagalog, a language which Aster didn't know. And standing there he realized his mistake. He looked past their heads down the hallway, and started to run.

All the doors he passed were closed. Arms and bodies lunged at him from the sides, and he was pretty sure that the nurse was after him from behind, but he only felt the brush of fingers, sweaty grips that he simply shook off, leaving yells in his wake. His vision narrowed to the blue chrome door ahead, a spot of color in an otherwise​ landscape. It was open, someone was passing through. He lunged for the entrance, sliding in before the doors closed. Inside the arena, the door-control panel was on the right, locked behind a glass with a lock. He wrenched it off and jammed the 'lock' button. Glass sprinkled at his feet.

It was suddenly deathly quiet. The chaos from outside was muted, and Aster knew that only Croton had the auxiliary controls around here. So he had a few minutes.

He turned and Cassia was there, right in the center of the room, still unclothed but in a different position. She was lying on an examination table under harsh blue lights, and he could see where they'd cut her skin. She had a line of bruises below her tight collarbone. Her eyes were closed, but he could see her twitching. He ran up to the bed, setting his hands over her wrists, which were squirming in tight straps that held them to the table.

Clanging came from the door behind him. Aster set her free, but Cassia didn't move to sit up, only opened her eyes, slowly.

"You're standing," she said. Her lips were cracked.

"Shh," Aster said softly, still standing over her. "I'm going to get us out. I can build the wormhole right here and we can go home."

"We don't have our Q-bands," Cassia said. He helped her sit up and she clutched her head, wincing. "You can't-"

"I'll have to to channel the energy through myself," Aster said. There was definitely enough of it being harnessed for all the machinery the lab to enlarge a wormhole,and if that wasn't enough, he could always borrow some from the city of Buffalo, New York.

The banging outside intensified. Cassia caught his arm in a surprisingly strong grip. "I don't let you try," she said. "It's too dangerous."

Metal screamed and the the door fell over, smashing into the floor. Behind it, Andrew stood quivering, brandishing a long, cone-shaped weapon. He was nothing to worry about but there were three men behind him, twice his size each. 

Aster turned to towards Cassia to support her as she stood, but she brushed him away, instead rising unsteadily to her feet.

"Get on my back," he said, watching as the men at the door just stood there, blocking the only passage out. The arena was large, and he backed into it, Cassia's arms securely around his neck. He couldn't fight in this position. But he could run.

Andrew advanced and the others behind him. Then he dropped his cone.

"Wait," he said. "Wait right there. Guys, we don't to hurt you. Really. So just-"

Aster ducked his head and scrambled past him,  and again he felt meaty arms grabbing at him as he slid through the narrow space between men. They couldn't get hold of him. In the corridor, he ran. Uncertain of where to, then there was a door left ajar and he turned into there with Cassia and as slammed it shut with his shoulder. Cassia released him and slid to the floor.

"This is not going to work," he said, panting. They were a storage room- Cassia was already rummaging through a wall-to-wall closet, and putting on a white coat.

"Hold on," she said. Someone rammed themselves against the door, and Aster heard splintering.


"If we could get more people," Cassia said. "You could still make the wormhole, but each person could share the brunt of-"

Once again, the door smashed open. The two of them froze. But when the dust settled there was no one there- just a vacant entryway.   

Soon, an out-of-breath, jacketed man appeared where the door used to be. Croton was back. He motioned with his fingers with a 'come here's gesture, and Molly and Samuel appeared behind him. He held a small, metallic square- apparently, he had plans to operate on Aster again.

Molly looked stoic, but Samuel was barely disguising his curiousity.

"These two couldn't keep quiet so we've got company," the Doctor said, stepping over the splintered door. "Now, I hear you've been making trouble, Aster. I see we have an escaped patient."

Cassia coughed. It was a fake cough, but it sounded sickly. 

Aster met Molly's eyes. She nodded.

 "Can we just say goodbye?" She asked.

Croton chuckled. "Of course. Do it quickly. Then it's back to the table for Cassia, I'm afraid."

Aster hated hugs but he endured a short one from Samuel, who stepped forward first. Molly was behind him, hugging her chest and waiting for her turn. When it came, Aster held her tightly. She didn't say anything, content to anchor herself against him.

"I hope you will one day forgive me," he said quietly. "I acted the way I did because you… you made feel like I was a man. I-"

"It's okay," Molly said. "You're not a bad guy, Aster."

He released her slightly. "Thank you. I will miss you, Mohy."

She looked up, her eyes shining and genuinely happy. Croton was a few places away. "You're leaving?" She whispered.

"If you'll help," he said.

"What should I do?" 

"Hold me tightly, and Samuel also. This will only take a moment."

In the slightest of movements Molly looked off to the side. Samuel and Cassia were both watching them. Aster nodded at Cassia and she took his arm, and Molly put out her hand to Samuel, who accepted it.

Aster looked at the floor and remembered the bringing-together, but this was a different kind  of channeling, not reaching for a person but a tiny, tiny speck of matter.

"Time's up," Croton announced.

The floor began to quiver, either that or Aster was quivering himself. Croton caught on and he took a step closer. "Let go, now," he said. He raised the square.

There was a high-pitched whine in Aster's mind, and a wind about their hair. Croton stretched out his arm and slammed the cold square onto the back of Aster's neck. Aster smelled fire. Soon the wind was howling in their ears, and Cassia was screaming for Aster to take off the square but he just yelled, "Don't let go!"

They were huddled together when the lab exploded outward. The lights went out. There was a moment before it where there was no time, no temperature, just the fourth of them squeezed together and at the climax of that squeeze everything erupted outward.

The Aster tumbled to the ground, as beams caved around them and fire licked at the ceiling. Books followed as things far away collapsed, like dominoes. He heard himself yelling for Molly and Samuel to go before the building collapsed.

Then it was just the two of them, in a tiny clearance amidst destruction. Cassia wrenched the square from Aster's neck. 

He fell under and then surfaced, Cassia's face swimming above. The heat covered his skin. 

Sweat rolling down her neck, Cassia lifted him off the ground with visible effort. "I've got you," she said. "Ready?"

He nodded. "Don't let go."

She kissed the top of his head, stepping forward. "You know I won't."

 The wormhole shimmered, and they fell through it, together.

∆∆ The End ∆∆

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New Story - For The Love Of Not Walking

Hello my beloved readers,
after going through the Blog for the past three months I couldn't really find a pattern and I saw stories posted on different days of the week in no specific pattern.
Anyways, I hope it is okay if I post today and if someone has Thursdays already, please let me know and I will retreat. I plan on posting bi-weekly for now.
I have a new story that I have been working on the past few months. As some of you will recognize quickly my style of writing and the way my characters are portrayed it will be a different story though. I hope it won't freak you out too much and that you may still enjoy it. I am a little nervous about posting but I guess I will give it a shot.
The blog has been so busy with lots of amazing stories I guess.
So here I excitedly give you the first chapter of  For The Love Of Not Walking (FTLONW)
Enjoy and let me know how you like it, Hugs and so happy to be back, Yours truly, Dani 

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Building Love

Here’s a long chapter. I decided not to split it up, mainly because I’m so restless to get to the hot part of the story, but also because it sort of came out this way. Hope you won’t mind. I’ll be posting weekly now, every Wednesday, but the following parts won’t be as long. I can’t wait to read what you all think of it. 

Chapter V here.

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Any reserved days

Hey dear Blog readers,
so it has been a few months since I finished "Three's A Crowd". I am currently working over the whole thing again, editing and making it better because I would like to give it a shot at publishing it electronically. I am not experienced with publishing but I will try. It is all so time consuming and with work, kids, pets, house and everything else it is moving slowly.
I have been working on another story and I am thinking about starting to post again, maybe not weekly but biweekly. I am wondering if there are any days who are reserved by the current authors posting? I was trying to track a posting schedule of the stories lately but couldn't really pin point a structure. I will keep checking the Blog to see if there is a day I could start posting. I miss you guys!
Hugs, Dani

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Pretty Fat: Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7 

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12 

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16  

Chapter 17 

Chapter 18 

Chapter 19 

Chapter 20

Fractions, part 10

I never planned for it to be two years between posts, but here it is, part 10 of Fractions, where some bad, and some better choices are made...

But first, a disclaimer: The man with the name "Tyke" in the story is NOT "Tykes" from the forum ;)
He is just a typical(?) Yorkshire tyke, and I didn't have heart to change his name.

Oh and part of this story is NSFW

To the story

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Pretty Fat

This is Annabelle, author of The Best Friend, Harvard Hottie, and The Boy Next Door.  This is a new story that I started working on featuring a quad guy.  I posted a longish chapter to start you off, but future chapters will likely be somewhat shorter.  I hope you enjoy it!


This is the most embarrassing doctor’s visit ever.

I’m sure there have been more embarrassing doctor’s visits in the history of the world.  Like, if I had stuffed a lightbulb up my butt and it broke, that would probably be more embarrassing than this.  That said, this visit is pretty bad.  It would have to be, because I’m definitely not the kind of chick who goes to the doctor with a runny nose or something dumb like that.  I haven’t seen a doctor since I was in high school.  But I finally had a symptom I couldn’t ignore.

My breasts are itchy.