Wednesday, February 27, 2019

New Devo Diary

This week on Devo Diary, I am still knee-deep in paras. More guilty naughtiness with Trip, plus some online flirtation with other wheelers too.

Devo Diary Chapter 56: Trip part 2

Table of Contents

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

New post Forever First Love

Sorry it's late but he is chapter 6. I have had 2 people proof read my work but obviously some things still has been missed, If anyone wants to do some proof reading will you email please and I will be very grateful.

Chapter 6

Monday, February 25, 2019

New Chapter "Will Love Prevail"

Happy Monday friends,
hope this finds everyone well and starting out the week in the right way. Shortly after midnight here and I want to get this posted for you.
Here is another chapter of my story Will Love Prevail,  Chapter 18
Thanks for everyone reading and commenting. Let me know if you're still with me.
Have a wonderful week,
Hugs, Dani

I will post an updated TOC later on today, I know I've been slacking with that.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Update to Love is Blind

Hi all!  I'm back with another chapter!  This one ends on a kind of intense note, hopefully pretty devvy.  As you all know, this is my first blind guy story so I'm trying to do it justice.

Chapter 8

Table of Contents

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Update to B-L-I-N-D?!

I'm so glad so many of you seem to have enjoyed B-L-I-N-D?! !!! I really liked writing it too. The entire thing was meant to be only from Barbara's perspective, but I got carried away this week and added Henry's point of view in this chapter. Would love to know what you think.

Here's Chapter II.

Unfortunately, no He's Not Mr. Perfect this week, but rest assured that you'll have an update on that next week. Thank you everyone for reading and making a comment! It really makes my day.


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

In/Exhale's Valentine's Day Continues

Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day! I hope you will enjoy the sweetness in this episode as Kai and Renee share some tender moments together.

Previously on In/Exhale: Valentine's Day for Kai and Renee begins early, since Kai can't sleep due to his pain, anger and frustration. David forces Kai to meet with Dr. Miller, and Kai finally admits why dinner at Frankie's has upset him so much. After, Kai is determined to make the day special for Renee, beginning with a home-cooked breakfast, but, as always, things don't go how he planned. Despite this, he and Renee grow closer. 

This Week on In/Exhale: Valentine's Day continues as Kai reveals his plans: a scavenger hunt that will take them through key memories and places from their relationship, beginning with Hamlet and a trip to Nancy's Cafe, where they shared their first kiss. Despite some tender moments, their day continues to hit major hurdles that threaten to derail everything.

Next Time on In/Exhale: Renee and Kai's Valentine festivities wind down as Kai risks further intimacy with Renee in more ways than one.

February 13, 2001 - Part II

I'll confess that this day is STILL not complete. . . . BUT what will be the final installment of the season is coming along better than I had anticipated. Just have to wrap up about 1.5 scenes and do a quick revision/proof and it'll be done. So I *think* we should make it till the end without any interruptions.

I've been obsessed with Black Butler lately, perhaps because I see some of Kai (and thus myself) in Ciel (for good or ill) and was actually inspired to write an extended fanfic with my own unique spin. I most likely will only post that on, but it's no where near done so that's in the future. But, as a result of being inspired to write that, it may mean a bit of a (hopefully) short break before I pick up here again with Love UnSeen. But you never know. Just a head's up.

As always, I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read, and especially those who bother to comment. It means a lot especially after all the blood, sweat and tears I've poured into this little saga.


As always, be sure to check out the updated Table of Contents if you need to catch up with any episode.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

No new post


Sorry I haven’t been able to post a new post but I should be back to normal next week. I have attached the link for the book which is released next month. Also if anyone bought The One and enjoyed it would you please leave a review 🙏🏻 If you didn’t enjoy it then don’t worry about the review 😂

Thank you

Link to Forever First Love

Link to The One

Monday, February 18, 2019

New chapter "Will Love Prevail"

Hi there friends,🙋
it's after one in the morning. I worked late again but I don't want to leave you waiting for the next chapter.
Here is Chapter 17 of Will Love Prevail.
Hope everyone is doing well, thanks for reading and commenting.
Hugs, Dani 😘
I will post an updated TOC later on today

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Update to Love is Blind

After the last chapter, you guys said you were eager for more chapters where Colin and Sophie interact.  So here you go!  But will Colin learn the truth about Sophie...?

Chapter 7

Table of Contents

Thank you in advance for any feedback!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

NEW He's Not Mr. Perfect + new short story

Hey, there!
Here I am (at last) with a new chapter of this story I've been loving to write. I have never written something this big in English and I'm enjoying contributing to the site---God knows how I've devoured every single story here in my early days.

So here's the new installment:
Chapter VII --- The White Chucks Society.

And plus, I've got something new for you. This has been sitting in my Google Docs for at least two years (!) and I thought it might be a good idea to share it with you. I had no idea I once wrote in first-person. It's another blind hero, deafness is also portrayed, and the story has about four/five chapters. Maybe I'll write a prequel one of these days because I was reminded of how much I love this characters and rest assured I won't wait two years to post it, ;)


p.s.:Thank you so much for your kind words and your understanding since my last update. Thinking about it is hard and frustrating and outright gut-wrenching, but talking helps. We're taking it slow for now and won't explore other options until we feel ready to face another round of challenges. My heart goes for those going through something similar right now.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

New Devo Diary

Hi everyone, it's time for more Devo Diary! It's all wheelers all the time now! In this chapter, I meet yet another sporty para and things get HOT. Although I don't exactly cover myself in glory; this is one of the more shameful chapters.

Devo Diary Chapter 55: Trip, part 1

Table of Contents

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

New post Forever First Love and input

Here is the next chapter of Forever First Love. I might not manage to get a chapter up next week because I'm out of the country but I will try.

I am looking to begin writing another story (If people think it's worthwhile) and wanted some opinions on what to write it about. Do I use a SCI again or a different disability? If people think a different disability which disability?  New of some of my previous character? Your feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Chapter 5

Monday, February 11, 2019

New Chapter "Will Love Prevail"

Hi friends,
Happy Monday once again!
Since Friday we are snowed in here in the Pacific Northwest and it's been beautiful, especially because I didn't have to leave my house all weekend and thankfully so far we haven't lost power.
Here is another chapter of Will Love Prevail.
Hope you enjoy as Mark and Chiara are finally together again.
I give you Chapter 16 of WLP
Have fun reading and thanks for sticking with my story
Hugs, Dani

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Update to Love is Blind!

I'm back with another update to Love is Blind.  In this extra-long update, Colin hooks up... but it doesn't happen like you'd think....

Chapter 6

Table of Contents

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

In/Exhale Continues - Valentine's Day Begins!

I'm really excited to finally share "today" with you. I wrote some of the parts of Renee & Kai's first Valentine's Day together ages ago and have been itching for it to actually happen. I'll be perfectly frank: I *still* have to get the last few scenes of the day done, but it shouldn't affect the first ~2-3 episodes, so hopefully I'll get it all done without having any weeks with no episode.

The theme of Renee & Kai's Valentine's Day is honesty as the two grow closer despite all that Kai is going through.

I know there's been a lot of angst lately, and some pretty heavy emotions. There's still a lot of that "today," but there's also a lot of sweetness I hope you all will enjoy.

Previously on In/Exhale: Dinner with Frankie's parents affects Kai deeper than expected, pushing him to attempt sex with Nikki. The experience goes sideways, and the next morning David comes to pick him up since Kai is naked, confused, and manically cleaning Nikki's apartment. Convinced Kai attempted to OD, he ensures Kai is never alone for the rest of the day. Based on the fact that Kai has had two major blackouts in a weekend, plus his current mental state, Dr. Miller encourages Kai to push up his Harbinger stay to February 14, and his Valentine's celebrations to the 13th. 
Kai spends the morning with Renee, and his emotional turmoil over the idea that he may have had sex with Nikki causes him to lash out at her more than once, but ultimately, they make peace. Kai's MLS pain has been severe since he walked too much during his Harbinger tour, and the idea that he may have OD'd has meant limited meds to control it. By day's end, Kai's physical and emotional pain cause him to be unfairly cruel to Jon. 
This Week on In/Exhale: The day starts early, since Kai can't sleep due to his pain, anger, and frustration. David forces Kai to meet with Dr. Miller, and Kai finally admits why the dinner at Frankie's has upset him so much. After, Kai is determined to make today special for Renee, beginning with a home-cooked breakfast, although, as always, things don't go how he'd planned. 
Next Time on In/Exhale: Valentine's Day continues, as Kai and Renee revisit events and places that are special to their relationship. Just when it seems like things are going perfectly, something happens that threatens to derail everything.

February 13, 2001 - Part I

Sorry today's update is late. I had to travel to NY overnight to see my specialist (he's basically THE specialist for what I have since it's super rare) and it wiped me out. I thought I was posting on Thursday, too, so that didn't help. Anyway, better late than never, right? My doc is increasing the frequency of my injections so we're hoping that will help with my symptoms and quality of life, and I'm praying it will mean I can be more productive with my writing, which means more stuff for you guys to read with less waiting in between.

As always, I really appreciate your comments. I read and re-read them all the time when I need a little boost. I'm really glad that my story means a lot to those of you who take the time to read it.


PS - The Table of Contents has been updated, in case you need to re-read any previous episodes, or catch up.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

New Post Forever First Love

Here is the next chapter of Forever First Love. Is shows what Matt decides to do next. Thank you for previous comments they are much appreciated.

Chapter 4 - Forever First Love

Monday, February 4, 2019

New Chapter "Will Love Prevail"

Hi friends,
Happy Monday!
Hope everyone is doing well.
Thanks to everyone who is still sticking with my story. I know it's probably not really devy at the moment but it is what it is and maybe a few people still enjoy it.
Here is Chapter 15 of "Will Love Prevail".
Thanks for reading and commenting if you are up for it,
Hugs, Dani

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Update to Love is Blind

Hi all!  Here is your regularly scheduled update to Love is Blind.  In this update, we learn a little more about what happened to Sophie:

Chapter 5

Table of Contents

Also, in honor of the sequel My Perfect Fiance being released, My Perfect Ex-Boyfriend is on sale for 99 cents for a very limited time on Amazon!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

No Update

Hey everyone,
I am so sorry about last week, and this one too. My bad news turned out to be even worse than I thought they were at first. As this isn't completely unrelated to devoteeism, I think I could share it. My SO is a quadriplegic, we'd been trying to conceive for a long time, I think most ab-pwd couples can relate to that, and I lost the baby when I was already at an advanced pregnancy stage to something unrelated to our fertility issues. I was in the worst place I could ever imagine being, but I do have a great support system and with my personal beliefs, I'm putting myself back together and I know I'll be fine, given time.
I couldn't have anything new for you this Saturday, even though I did write a lot this week, including He's Not Mr. Perfect. It did turn out to be super dark, so I'll go over it this week again and try to shift the narrative back to where it was. I will post next week, and I'll try to make it extra long and enjoyable. I'll also try to have something new in the Anita thing.
Thank you so much for your kind comments last chapter.