Saturday, February 27, 2021

My Perfect Ex-Boyfriend is FREE

 I was going to wait to post here until the kinks had been worked out, but this is time limited.  My Perfect Ex-Boyfriend is FREE on the Amazon Kindle today and tomorrow.  

I've met the greatest guy ever.

Noah Walsh is handsome as sin. He's sweet and smart and successful and sexy--all the best adjectives beginning with "S." My six-year-old daughter worships the ground he walks on ever since he fashioned her smiley face pancakes out of bananas and blueberries. Oh yeah, and he can cook.

The only problem?

I dumped this great guy a decade ago, right after I wrecked his life.

And boy, this man holds a grudge.

Get it now on Amazon!


  1. I love,love this book. One of my favourites from you!

  2. Also one of my favorites. I've read it many times!!