Thursday, July 1, 2021

Writing prompt

 Since it has been relatively quiet here, Devogirl and I were thinking it might be fun to do a writing prompt (like an idea or a first line) and have readers write a 100-400 word "story" based on the writing prompt to post in the comments. I was supposed to post the prompt last week, but I failed to do it because I honestly could not think of one that inspired me.  I'm kind of low on inspiration lately.

So here's where I need your help:

Comment with a writing prompt.  Either an idea or a first line or whatever.  And I'll pick one of them to post next Thursday!


  1. Ok ok ok, I have one!

    High school reunion.

  2. "I think I'm gonna skip leg day."

    (Love the idea btw!)

  3. Two of my "favorite quad-quotes" in real life are:

    "I’m totally predictable when playing Rock, Paper, Scissors."
    "Everything that is child-proof is impossible to open and therefore quad-proof."

  4. "I'm not a goddamn stroller."

  5. These are great! Keep them coming! Note they don't have to only be about SCI, any kind of physical disability is fine.

  6. WWW I era 2 AB the other PWD. Both in love with the same girl, who loves the AB, but of course he is a total jerk..etc
    AB goes to the war and so on but please let him return unharmed so we can dislike him more

    1. I really like this. Someone please write us a full story... ��

  7. Location, veterans care home.

    “Sorry you can’t get up today,” said his carer, “the hoist’s broke.”

  8. "Are you reading my lips or just thinking about kissing me?"
    "I can't read lips."

  9. "Did we really get married by Elvis last night?"

  10. "Legs or no legs?"

  11. Someone please write a story about man with hemiplegic stroke. Here is a starter: "The phone ran, it was Rob's sister.