Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Bérénice at the house of rescue

Hi everyone,

Here's the conclusion to last week's dramatic scene. Thanks yet again for the thoughtful comments; I really appreciate your engagement.

Bérénice, Part 6

Table of Contents

If anyone is really curious about medical treatment for the French poor at the time, George Orwell coincidentally wrote an essay about his experience being treated at l'Hôpital Cochin in 1929, the charity hospital that Jean-Claude mentioned last week. ("Bérénice" is set in 1931.) Please note, the essay is disturbing, but I thought that I would include it for those who are interested in the historical setting. I was amazed to find a contemporary essay by such a prominent English writer that was specifically about one of the two hospitals in Bérénice's quarter.

Also, please note that I may need to take a hiatus of 1-2 weeks from posting, as I'm dealing with some personal issues. Nothing serious, just tiring and time-consuming, as these things are!

- Rowan

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