Saturday, April 9, 2022

NEW book out: Lobster, with a straw

My ebook is on Amazon today for purchase

I’m soo happy and excited and also a little nervous. Oodles of thanks go to our Annabelle, Rowan, Devo Girl, Vanessa, Marisa, Sarah and Nessa, and everyone who read and commented on this story and helped get this book out. You are the best and your support means everything! This community is simply amazing and I’m so glad I get to know you all.

Please, pretty please, if you purchase the book and like it, please leave a review on amazon! I read them all. And I’ll probably print them all to sleep with them tucked underneath my pillow or something 😊

I’m used to stares.

I’ve been observing them my whole life. You know, that slightly panicked, embarrassed reaction when I enter the room in my power wheelchair, limbs flailing.

Or when I try to talk.

But today I’m being stared at for a completely different reason. By a beautiful woman in a lecture hall, with a mysterious smile.

And now our conference is about to end and I may never see her again. So, I’ve got to make this count.


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  1. Congratulations on the book release, Lovis! I'm having so much fun savoring it and discovering all of Patrick and Lauren's new escapades.

    1. Rowan! So awesome to hear from you. Glad to know you are still around. I miss your stories!! I hope you liked the changes and additions to "Lobster, with a straw", especially the epilogue :P