Monday, May 23, 2022

Palace Envy is LIVE

 My new book Palace Envy is now live on Amazon!  As I mentioned, this will be the final Annabelle book for some time to come, so I hope you like it!

My destiny in life is to serve the royal family.

After all, they rescued me from the orphanage when I was a young girl, and gave me a good job and a place to live. So when Prince Arthur is suddenly killed six months before he was to take the throne, leaving the kingdom without a successor, I'm willing to do absolutely anything to help save the royal line.

It turns out, all is not lost. Queen Amelia tells me about the existence of a second prince. Arthur’s twin brother, who was mysteriously banished from the kingdom years ago, and now wants nothing to do with the royal family.

First, I must bring Prince Edward back to Norland.

Second, I must convince him to become the next king.

I have made a solemn oath to do anything for the queen. But this?

This will be impossible.

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  1. I love it!! As always you create an amazing story, I already give you five stars but didn't comment because it's hard for me to write in English...
    Hope that you find your muse and come back with new stories about any topic you choose, be sure I will read It!!
    Love from México