Saturday, May 21, 2022

Palace Envy final update

Hi all!  This is the final chapter of Palace Envy before the book releases on Monday! 

Chapter 7

Table of Contents

This is also most likely my final story here for the foreseeable future.  I have enjoyed posting here over the last decade but I'm honestly just not feeling it lately and a bunch of other projects are currently demanding my attention.  I hope the other authors continue to post because there have been some great stories over the years!


  1. I will miss your stories! I’ve always looked forward to reading them and have bought most if not all your books! I sincerely hope you come back to writing this genre in the future as I’ve always enjoyed your characters and your writing style! —- LesleyLu5

  2. I’m another that will miss your stories so much. Best to you in all you do going forward and thanks for all the enjoyment 🌺

  3. I will miss you!! I came here following you and looking for literature that satisfied my tastes, and I found many more things and for that I will always be grateful to you... I hope you don't stop writing, on any subject, not necessarily this type of romance, you have such talent to do whatever you want, you also have a very particular and entertaining style, I really like how you develop the plots and the references you use, and I know it because I've read everything you've published on Amazon... The little taste of suspense you gave us with Love Bites was very good!!
    I hope that all your new projects fill you with joy and make you very happy.
    Greeting from México
    (Sorry for my english)