Saturday, December 10, 2022

Beta readers for mythology novel

UPDATE: Thanks so much for all the interest! I have enough beta-readers for now, but I'll keep you abreast of any beta-reading second rounds or publication updates. 

WANTED: A handful of beta readers/sensitivity readers for a full-length novel.
Will there be sea-nymphs and satyrs? Certainly!
Dryads and dracones? In droves.
Show me centaurs. How about herds of them horsing around?
…and as an early Christmas/out-of-season Kronia present, you can have the cuddliest cutie on crutches!

If mythology is your cup of tea, e-mail


  1. Hi Anniemouse, sorry that I‘m not capable of being your beta. My english is too bad. But, I can’t wait to read about the cutie on crutches.

    1. I'll keep you updated with any publishing announcements!

    2. Unfortunately my English too is not great. But good luck.