Monday, August 21, 2023

New Novel!

 Hi everyone, Devo Girl here back with another new novel! I'm getting in on the dev-issance, happy to see so many of our authors coming out with new books. Actually I've been working on this one for a really long time and I'm super happy to finally share it with you.

 I chose to write about a devotee character, which is a bit scary in published fiction, but I really want to get the positive message out there. The release date is August 29, but it helps a lot if you pre-order. We talk a lot here about changing the public narrative on devs, so this is my tiny effort in that direction. Please support!

Good Looking by Lucy May Lennox

Nick: College is supposed to be when you figure out who you are, but it’s not easy when your roommate is your identical twin brother. Nick shares everything with his brother Nate, including a genetic condition that causes visual impairment. Nick feels like Nate is better at everything, including being blind. But when Nick falls for nerdy theater major Abby, he finally starts to strike out on his own.

Abby: That guy in Abby’s lit class is just her type, not only because he’s sweet and gorgeous, but because he’s blind. Abby is a devotee—she’s attracted to people with disabilities. But after her ex rejected her when she came out to him, she’s scared to reveal the truth of her attraction. How can she tell Nick he’s not her first blind boyfriend?

At a big Midwestern state university in the 1990s, Nick and Abby stumble towards adulthood, through awkward parties, regrettable flirtations, frantic cramming, and poorly planned road trips. It’s college life in all its exciting, raunchy, disgusting, hilarious glory, set to a 90s alt-rock soundtrack.

As always, the cover is by an awesome dev artist:


  1. already in my wishlist on Amazon! Amazing plot, I can’t wait!

  2. Oh so great! Can’t wait to read the final version!! I can tell you guys this is story is awesome, funny and so devvy. I mean, it has two blind guys in it, what more can you wish for :D Off to preorder right now!