Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Wednesday update!

 Hey! Thank you all so much for reading and commenting. It really means a lot to me, and I look forward to posting every week. 

I aaaalmost forgot about today's update because I hadn't fully edited the chapter, but I made it! So here we get to see a bunch of Ben's past. I feel like this chapter is kind of... Concentrated? It's shorter than the past ones, but there's lots of dialogues and I'm kind of wary about it, so please let me hear your thoughts.

Here's Onde Anda Você, chapter nine!

I actually had a different idea for this chapter, but then it was too late to change (if I wanted to post in time). Maybe I can still make use of it next chapter. Hope you like it! Again, I edited and posted this using my mobile, so I hope I didn't let anything nasty through—let me know!

And give Rubel's Partilhar a listen! It's a feel-good song, pretty hard not to like.